As the Crow Flies Book Cover As the Crow Flies
Enter Haddonwood (Book 1)
Caleb Amsel, Rysa Walker
Suspense Thriller
434 pages

From the award-winning author of the bestselling CHRONOS Files comes a chilling story of altered reality and psychological terror.

Chase Rey sits perfectly still, his thumbs traveling across the screen of the broken computer tablet, stuck in the nexus between two worlds.

Haddonwood isn’t real. It can’t be. Another world, another reality, hovers just beyond his reach. He can see it sometimes. He can almost touch it.

In that world, things are in balance. The dead stay dead and the creature feature remains safely on the screen. That world isn’t a patchwork quilt of every scary book or movie he’s seen. In that world, the nightmares generally end when you open your eyes and people don’t glitch in and out of existence.

Chase is determined to return to that world, although he’s a bit worried that the only way out is through the noose that seems to lurk around every corner. He needs allies to get back home. But how do you choose your team when you can’t tell who’s real?

Now that I’ve read this book, I feel like I see crows everywhere I go.  Crow Gif

As the Crow Flies tells of several people in varying states of troubles within their lives. Some of them know each other already, some of them don’t but find themselves ultimately connected later. Each of them has momentary conflicting memories that they can’t explain. Most troubling is the sudden appearance of people in town who were believed to be dead.

Horror movie fans might have a slight advantage when reading As the Crow Flies

I’m not much of a horror movie fan, but there were a few moments that were themed with classic horror films that I think everyone would recognize. That was interesting and I think helped with visualizing certain moments in the story. It’s not necessary to be familiar with any horror movies at all to enjoy this book. I can attest to that.

Reasons you must read this book:
  • The story line is full of surprises
  • It’s impossible to predict the ending
  • You enjoy thinking about a book for days after you’ve finished reading.
  • You hate birds and this book shows them as the monsters that they truly are.

Rysa Walker and Caleb Amsel have delivered an action-packed horror show of a story with As the Crow Flies. The book has a bit of a slow start following the perspective of a possessed crow. The crow is spying on several people, and why this matters isn’t immediately apparent, but it’s well worth the read to find out.