Audiobook : The End of Hatred: Etherya's Earth, Book 1 by Rebecca Hefner
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The End of Hatred Book Cover The End of Hatred
Etherya's Earth
Written by: Rebecca Hefner Narrated by: Devon Wilcox
Paranormal Romance
Rebecca Hefner
August 12, 2019
Listening Length: 11 hours and 8 minutes

These are dangerous times on Etherya's Earth....

Slayer Princess Miranda, heir to the throne, has hated the Vampyres for a thousand years. Since the Awakening, she's fought to protect her people, choosing to be a warrior more than a royal. When a female Vampyre washes up on the shore of her compound's riverbank, she seizes the moment to take the offensive.

Sathan, King of the Vampyres, distraught at his sister's disappearance and captivity, agrees to travel with Miranda to resect the Blade of Pestilence, also hoping to change his people's state of endless war. Although the woman hates him due to the constant raids on her compound for the Slayers' life-giving blood, he can't help but admire the stubborn and strong princess.

As their journey progresses, both begin to understand that they are aligned in their hatred of Crimeous, leader of the Deamons, as well as their hope for peace between the Slayers and Vampyres. Determined to fight their growing attraction, they forge a tentative truce. But old wounds run deep, and trust is scarce. Their faith in each other must remain strong, or all will be lost....

The Etherya's Earth series is best listened to in order so that the listener can enjoy the evolution of the characters. After all, the author loves a good twist and wants the listener to uncover them organically. However, listeners of romance, rest assured, each audiobook has its own featured hero/heroine and a happily ever after ending.

You know you are in for a good ride when you are all of 5 seconds in (still just listening to the title sequence!) and the narrators voice makes you say “ohhh buckle up buttercup. This is gonna be good!”


So, lets get into it. The End of Hared is book 1 in the Etherya’s Earth series by Rebecca Hefner and it follows Miranda, the Slayer Princess and Sathan, King of the Vampyres as they fight to put an end to generations of endless war and rid their world of the demon hoards that threaten both their people. Hefner has created an incredibly interesting and new take on the age old Vampyre/Slayer tale. In this world a supreme being called Etherya creates her own world and populates it with Slayers and Vampyres, two races that are forever dependant and reliant on one another for their continued survival. Oh, and because the other Gods decided she needed to throw in some balance, there are humans too but nobody cares about those silly little dullards


The two races live in peace until the Slayer King decides he no longer wants to be subservient to the Vampyres and starts a chain of events that leaves the two races in a state of endless war. This war continues for thousands of years with no end in sight, until Miranda decides she can no longer stomach the fighting that can only result in the total annihilation of both the Slayers and the Vampres. She sets out on a quest which, if successful, will bring peace to her people and an end to the ever increasing demon threat. Thanks to an ancient prophesy Miranda needs help to finish her task, and who else but her enemies King would do? Sathan and Miranda face crazy obstacles, twists and turns I never saw coming, and through it all they realize just how fine a line there really is between love and hate.

I absolutely loved this story and the world Rebecca created. It is an engaging mix of fantasy and modern day worlds that blend in an unexpected way that seriously has you wishing it were real. While there is plenty of action and intrigue going through the plot, a healthy vein of humor runs throughout so the book never feels too heavy. Sethan is a cocky bastard of a King at times but incredibly sweet, sexy, and caring when it comes to Miranda. Miranda is a badass Metallica loving spitfire from the get go and keeps everyone on their toes. They are brough together by a shared love of sniping at one another and desire to save their people.


One day you will all come around and realize the awesomeness of Enter Sandman

The narration. GUYS! Let’s talk about the narration. This is the first title I have listened to performed by Devon Wilcox and I already went and downloaded several more. He performs this book so incredibly well, his characterizations are perfect and he manages to vary his characters more than I have heard from a lot of others… his King of the Demons voice gave me CHILLS.

I highly recommend The End of Hatred and can’t wait to listen to the rest of this series! Book 2 is out now with 3 & 4 coming soon!


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