• A Place to Stand by Meg Farrell
A Place to Stand Book Cover A Place to Stand
Meg Farrell
Contemporary Romance
Farrell Writes, LLC
July 16, 2018
Kindle, Paperback

Rhae Peters is happily married to her best friend, Ryan, who loves her more than anything. She has the perfect life until the worst thing imaginable happens — Ryan is killed. Rhae is faced with learning to live without him and coping with the devastating revelations that follow his death and make her question what she thought they had together. With her life in turmoil, Rhae wants to start over and forget everything about Ryan. Cade Miles is Rhae’s mysterious, handsome neighbor who recently arrived in Bell Hills to help care for his ailing grandfather. Despite her increasingly intense feelings for Cade, Rhae feels the hand of propriety holding her back from pursuing her attraction to Cade. Both broken in their own ways, Rhae and Cade must learn to help each other overcome their pasts.

Meg sure knows how to make you feel…

A Place to Stand by Meg Farrell is a story about Rhae, a young, mid twenties, widow who not only must deal with the loss of the only man she has loved since she was 17 but must confront the truth that this same man not only cheated on her but fathered a child with his mistress.  With her world upended and feelings rubbed raw Rhae is she standing at a major cross road in life with even her own identity in question.  How do you pick yourself up and go on after life knocks you down and stomps on your head for good measure?  For Rhea; a little southern snarkiness, family and some good friends, a good heart, and a chance at love will be the key to a new start.

This is the second novel of Meg’s that I have read and she is the real deal when it comes to conveying tangible, heart-warming feelings through her writing.  What makes that so unique is that both books, I have read, deal with difficult and messy life issues. Yet, in the midst of these difficult topics I found myself giggling at Rhae’s wide ranging thoughts laced with southern sarcasm and warmed by the honesty of her feelings towards life and the unexpected arrival of Cade in the midst of the turmoil.  The story flows beautifully and I was literally glued to the pages till the end.

It dawned on me that Meg’s writing style is like wearing my favorite pair of jeans; no matter what I’m dealing with they make me feel good, I can deal with any situation with them on, and I don’t want to take them off!

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