Oh, Honey… I Barely Believe it Either.

For the last few years, I have spent a lot of time acquainting you with amazing people and books.

In fact, one of the very best things about LitBuzz has been the interaction and the constant reminder that this is a wonderful world.  I love the chance to promote people who write wonderful things, and readers find them.  In the middle, I cannot even put into words how amazing it has been to work with my team here. I have been insanely blessed to find strong, smart women who have taken on my dream here with gusto.  They review with passion, compassion and a whole lot of fun.

We all would like to be acknowledged for who we are, but in a lot of ways, that acknowledgment has come in very passive ways… authors coming to us for reviews, inclusion in sought-after ARCs and most importantly, support for my crazy ideas by authors willing to give just about anything my insane mind has requested.

In the last week, this journey has given me two gifts for which I am profoundly grateful to the point of speechlessness. (Seriously, stop snickering.  I may start ugly crying again).

Utopia-Awards-NomineeThe first was the great shock and honor of being nominated as Book Blogger of the Year.  I cannot even tell you how absolutely surprising this was to me, but as someone who considers herself a glorified figurehead, I cannot even CONSIDER that a personal accomplishment.  LitBuzz is chock full of reviews by a beautiful, wonderful team.  I like to believe they know I am here for them; they have most certainly been here for me.  Whether WE win that honor or not at this year’s Utopia Awards, I would like to take a moment to again thank my team for being the true honey of this Hive.

If you would like to vote for this site in the 2017 Utopia Awards, please go to #26 and choose us by June 1, knowing that I will be carrying my girls in my heart if we win:



The second… well, I will get choked up while I type so understand this is a big deal for me.

A few years ago, I messaged an author because I thought her series ended on a cliffhanger and I was shocked and heartbroken.  I LOVED the characters and the premise, and I needed a conclusion.

Randi Cooley Wilson cordially responded to the weirdo who felt it was ok to annoy someone out of the blue.  She was patient and kind, while also coming off as funny and a little quirky.

I instantly loved her. <3

In the years since that chance encounter, I have gotten to know Randi as a person. She was one of the strongest voices in the growth of this site.  She has lifted me up in awful moments, and I have laughed with her when “Ricki” was nominated for her award (that chick writes some great books!).  I have sent her pick-me-ups in the form of food and memes, and she’s become someone that matters.  In spite of the very wild package that is “The Queen Bee”, she became my friend. 

And she included me in her Acknowledgements.

I have teased about this for like a year, but I never in a billion years ever expected her to actually DO it… and in such a sweet and meaningful way.  I more so expected a warning to stay away from the hot gargoyles and leave some for the rest of the readers. 😉

If you have not yet picked up a copy of Stolas, by Randi Cooley Wilson, consider it a must-do.  Her fans in Randi’s Rebels on Facebook have been salivating for this new series for what feels like…ever.  But if you have not yet acquainted yourself with Stolas and Hope, it’s about time you do so.  You can start reading it here but it’s $2.99 people, so go grab it!


My review will be up tomorrow, but in the meantime, I could not let this weekend of incredible bookish experiences go byThank You books without saying something – there are too many words that fit and not enough I can say.

Thank you, readers, for loving us.  Thank you, Randi, for loving me.

Thank you for the gift of this community every day.

With love,

The QB