Pearl Sky by Elizabeth Hunter
Pearl Sky Book Cover Pearl Sky
Elemental Legacy Series
Elizabeth Hunter
Adult, New Adult,

It was a friendly visit until a priceless artifact was stolen. Now Ben and Tenzin are up to their necks in secrets that can kill. It’s not just any holiday season in the immortal world. Elder Zhang’s oldest servant is reaching the century mark and Ben and Tenzin are ready to celebrate, but no sooner do they land on Penglai Island than a mystery falls in their path. A valuable seal has gone missing, and the artifact was a gift from an ancient vampire who just happens to be heading to Penglai for a long-overdue formal visit. The Elders of Penglai may have asked Ben and Tenzin’s assistance to find the lost treasure, but that doesn’t mean that eight ancient vampires, their immortal children, and all the humans who serve them will suddenly become open books. Penglai Island is secret for a reason, and the heart of that reason may just reveal the motive behind the theft.

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Two of Elizabeth Hunter’s favorite Elemental Legacy Series characters, Ben and Tenzin, are back in action in Pearl Sky. As a newly changed vampire, Ben is still learning to navigate his new powers and the vampire world he grew up in but now from the perspective of an immortal. Ben and Tenzin have always had a high velocity relationship, but as powerful wind vampires and mates it is taken to a new level, both personally and in their line of work as historical slueths. Their skills are called upon when a valuable artifact goes missing under the noses of the the eight Elders on the Island of Penglai, the home of Ben and Tenzin’s sire, Zhang Guolao. They must find the missing treasure to maintain the fragile balance of power among the immortals. Doing so will also solidify Ben’s place in such a tenuous world.

Penglai Harbor

Ben and Tenzin are two of Elizabeth Hunter’s most popular characters, amongst a cast of captivating vampires, for a very good reason. Ben Vecchio was born human and raised as the son of a powerful fire vampire. He knows this immortal world very well. Since becoming an adult he has been friends and business partners with the pintsize, ancient, and extremely deadly Tenzin. They traveled the world in search of lost and stolen treasures until a series of events led to Ben joining the immortal ranks and becoming Tenzin’s mate. Their relationship, with its banter and attraction both before and after his transition, will keep you entertained while their adventures will keep you on the edge of your seat right to the very end.

Pearl Sky is another great addition to this great series. Each book with Ben and Tenzin helps us see their maturing relationship as well as their red hot attraction. The mystery part of the story is also fascinating. While Pearl Sky is still an intriguing hunt for a lost object, it takes a turn from a traditional storyline, diverging from the hunt for an object to understanding the motive of the thief. I really enjoyed that little change. All of Elizabeth’s books can be read as stand alones, as the main plot is always concluded nicely at the end. But, if you haven’t read all the books in the series you really miss so much of the backstory and the ability to understand the veins of intrigue that run through their associations. If you haven’t read them I highly recommend you dig into this wonderfully entertaining series.