A Spicy, and Emotion-filled Marriage of Convenience Romance!
It Takes a Woman Book Cover It Takes a Woman
The Scorned Women Society (Book 4)
Piper Sheldon
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Smartypants Romance
April 21, 2022
ebook, paperback

Just because she’s getting married doesn’t mean she’ll fall in love. Unapologetic bombshell Gretchen LaRoe is happy to play matchmaker to everyone else content in knowing she once had true love. When the best friends of the Scorned Women’s Society take it upon themselves to interfere in Gretchen’s love life, they shouldn't be shocked to learn Gretchen already has a plan of her own. A jaw-dropping plan. Part-time Green Valley resident and work-a-holic Vincent Debono has been living in a fog since the loss of his wife. With the birth of his great-niece he can’t shake the feeling that he’s ready for change. After a secret kiss with the unforgettable redhead who already plagued his thoughts, Vincent decides to leap into a new adventure. These two have made a commitment to each other but won’t let their hearts get involved. How hard can it be? ‘It Takes a Woman’ is a full-length contemporary romance and can be read as a standalone. Book #4 in the Scorned Women’s Society series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

“To my utter surprise, she threw her head back and laughed. That laughed traveled through me, delighting me. A direct hit of serotonin my brain would absolutely get addicted to.” 

If you haven’t met the women of The Scorned Women Society, then you are seriously missing out. Piper Sheldon has wrangled these ladies, and given us four phenomenal romances, complete with Happily Ever Afters that would bring a smile to even the surliest curmudgeon…I’m looking at you Devlin. It Takes a Woman is the fourth full-length story and final installment of this series, and you may fight me (but you would lose) when I tell you that I think Gretchen’s story is the most poignant story and ends the series on the perfect high note.

Gretchen and Vincent have similar backgrounds. They both found a big love early on in their lives, and yet tragically lost those loves too soon in life. While working through grief and learning to accept love in new but equally big ways is a prevalent theme, learning to trust is also another big theme particularly for Gretchen. While she is the ringleader of her group of friends, Gretchen seems all too comfortable to let her friends shine in the spotlight while she accepts a self-designated offstage position in her own life. I admired how Roxy was the one to truly push beyond Gretchen’s protests and dig to the root of the issues. Of course, it would take the courage and love of a good friend to cut through some inner nonsense. Roxy and Gretchen’s friendship is a highlight of this story for me.

“I touched her without thinking. I touched her because it felt like the most natural thing to do. I touched her because I couldn’t stop myself.” 

Vincent is also tied to Roxy as well since he worked at the Donner Lodge with her, and we were introduced to Vincent in previous books. Vincent and Gretchen’s chemistry should be measured in Scoville units. They are spicy from the start! In typical fashion for a marriage of convenience, Vincent and Gretchen enter into their marriage knowing full well they are attracted to each other but are certain that love would never be part of the equation. Gretchen, my girl, what did you think would happen when you knock boots with a Stern Brunch Daddy like Vincent? There’s no such thing as love repellent!

One of the most fun aspects of It Takes a Woman is that Gretchen and Vincent jet set between New York and Green Valley. Set during the holidays, having these characters experience New York during such a magical time bumped up the whimsy and romance of it all. I also especially liked the nod to our unlikely Romeo in this story…Jethro Winston. Additionally, Vincent’s family from his first marriage acceptance of Gretchen tugged on all my heartstrings.

“He reached for me. We melted into each other. It was like no time had passed. Our bodies were perfect together.” 

Friends, I could easily gush for five more paragraphs, but I need to tell you that It Takes a Woman is absolutely worth your time. Piper Sheldon is so talented at fun banter, scorching hot bedroom (and out of the bedroom) scenes, and giving readers HEAs that will make you saw awwww. It Takes a Woman is available starting today in Kindle Unlimited! Go grab your copy immediately! Happy Release Day, Piper!