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Dirty Air Book Cover Dirty Air
The Driven World
Randi Cooley Wilson
contemporary romance
KB Worlds LLC
April 22, 2021

What happens when the lines of a professional relationship blur? Do you lose control?
Or find more than you dared dream?

Trinity Thompson lives life in the fast lane. At twenty-five, she’s focused on proving that
women can compete on the race track. Born into a family who lives and bleeds racing,
Trinity is determined to go the distance. She has one chance. And no sponsors. Until a
tall, dark, sexy distraction named Hunter walks into her life and offers to make, her
dreams come true. But her dreams come at a price, one that Trinity can’t afford.

Hunter Jackson doesn’t take life too seriously. At twenty-seven, he’s known in elite
social circles as a bad boy and womanizer. One who flaunts his trust fund to get what
he wants and what he wants is Trinity. The son of a prominent businessman, Hunter, is
given one last chance to prove himself to his father to keep his trust fund. All he has to
do is sign Trinity and secure her sponsorships. Too bad, she hates him.

When the lines of their professional relationship become blurred, will they both lose
control in the wake of the dirty air left behind? Or will the turbulence of their attraction prove too much to overcome?

Hot and fast-paced sticky-sweet sexiness.

Racing, people. I am talking about CAR RACING. Specifically, Dirty Air by Randi Cooley Wilson. Sheesh; get your mind out of the gutter! (Trust me; we’ll get there!) This book is written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World and features Trinity Thompson, daughter of racing legend Bo Thompson. She’s in the midst of an identity crisis – trying to become the racer she knows she can be but drowning under the administrative and financial pressures of a legacy racing team.

Plus, this southern girl has some serious daddy issues.

Enter Hunter Jackson – cocky, cranky New York marketing pro here to promote Trinity’s car and get her to sign with his dad’s company under duress from his dad.

As you can imagine, these two are fire and ice, initially at odds but eventually, it’s clear they’ll melt into one. How that will happen is anyone’s guess, but if going from their first meeting, you’d wonder if it’s even possible. But then they do, and when they get together, the sexy is palpable through the ink of your pages. This story is full steam, full sexy, full deliciousness.

What I loved about this book: Trinity.

Trinity’s strength and determination shine through. I also love that she holds her own, is portrayed as intelligent and snarky, and is dedicated to her family. I also love that, even over what is only a few weeks, she grows as a person and finds her own path.

If you’re looking for a racing romance with a strong protagonist who happens to be a hot car racer girl, here’s your book. RCW knows how to write some deliciously spicy relationships.

Go one-click or dive into KU and enjoy!