• Monster Ball Year 3: (A Paranormal Romance Anthology) by various authors
Monster Ball Year 3 Book Cover Monster Ball Year 3
A Paranormal Romance Anthology
Heather Hildenbrand, Bam Shepherd, SJ West, Cameo Renae, Nikki Jefford, Jessica Wayne, Everly Frost, Karpov Kinrade, Tish Thawer, Heather Renee, Evan Gaustad, Stacey Rourke
Paranormal Romance Anthology, New Adult
Independently published
October 13, 2020
Kindle, Paperback

It's that time again! The Monster community is abuzz with whispers of the most anticipated party of the year. This deliciously exclusive event has tongues wagging even amongst the who's who of the monster community. It will once again be held at an undisclosed location on All Hallows Eve.

Don't worry all you underprivileged socialites, The Monster Ball isn't just for vampires, witches, and werewolves. Other creatures of the night have as much of a chance to attend. Watch for your ticket but not in the mail. The silvery slip of parchment is said to appear in your hand by the light of the moon.

If you find yourself a fortunate recipient best to keep it to yourself. There are some who would kill for the chance to attend. Because as every good monster knows... what happens at the ball, stays at the ball.

xoxo, Elvira

It never gets old…

Bam Shepherd’s monsterlicious creation has come to life again this year just in time for All Hallows Eve.  A wonderfully wicked compilation of novellas from some of paranormal romance’s hottest authors, Monster Ball Year 3, is again a unique and amazing read.  In case you are new to the ball, the concept for each year’s story revolves around an annual extravaganza created by a mysterious Proprietor who delivers silver invitations on moon beams to unsuspecting paranormal beings for a night of fun and decadence.  With a location shrouded in secrecy and mystery the night becomes a monster’s Las Vegas, where anything goes except murder.  For most it becomes a night to let down their hair, or fangs, and enjoy themselves freely. For others it becomes the answer to their deepest dreams and desires, which seems fitting on the magically raised and restored Titanic.

While the licentious nature of the ball is still carried on in this year’s stories, there are a couple of deep love stories that will tug at your heart strings.  Your favorite gargoyle bouncers are still greeting guests at the door and the hot bartenders and their intoxicating drinks are joined by a few mixologist newcomers who definitely stir things up.  With each ball more of the Proprietor’s identity and purpose are revealed and this year’s is no different. 

Bam Shepherd’s genius in creating a world, with constant actors and scenes, and having authors write stories where their own characters and plots interact with other author’s stories and leads is absolutely amazing. The details in this anthology and the way the authors weave them into their tales is seamless and in some cases down right impressive. I can honestly say that this project gets better year after year as more and more authors seem to get comfortable with the project and run with it. If you are not already a follower of The Monster Ball on social media, you are missing out on a year round experience of games, promos, and hot monster ball fashions.  I have no idea where Bam is planning on taking this series, but she is a creative and organizational force to be reckoned with who, without a doubt, will keep us intrigued and wanting more.