• Mark of Destiny by KT Webb
Mark of Destiny Book Cover Mark of Destiny
KT Webb
Childrens, Teens, Fantasy
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May 17, 2019



Wild magic courses through the citizens of Alderwood—guiding them, protecting them. At the age of sixteen, the wild magic is used to mark each citizen, revealing their destiny. But the same magic that brings life to their world may be the very thing that destroys them.

Honor never expected her mark to depict a dark future of murder and betrayal. Nor did she anticipate being somehow connected to the despicable, seemingly immortal, King Junius. But when the neighboring village is slaughtered, bringing the King’s ruthless army to her camp in the Ternion Forest, Honor is forced to face what destiny has in store.

Now, Honor finds herself on a quest set in place long ago by a woman who is more than what she seems. Along the way, Honor learns the truth about her bloodline and what her mark truly means for her destiny and the fate of Alderwood. The fate of three kingdoms rests on her shoulders.

Will she be strong enough to stay the course and fulfill the dark destiny prophesied by the mark? Or will she give in to the darkness that tempts her every step of the way?

Great potential…

As I’ve said before, I always try to review books in light of their genre and subsequent target audience.  Mark of Destiny by KT Webb is a coming of age fantasy for children and teens.  Set in an ancient world, Alderwood,  an orphaned teenage girl named Honor discovers after receiving her tattooed mark on her sixteenth birthday that her destiny is to save the kingdom.  A reuniting of the inhabitants of the magical kingdoms with the human realm and support from the boy she loves and the people she considers family will give Honor the allies she needs to fulfill her destiny.

The premise of Mark of Destiny is very appealing. KT does a great job of setting the stage, introducing compelling characters, and building an interest in the reader.  I quickly bought in to the plot and was interested in Honor’s story.  However, as the tale progressed there were a number of issues that really kept the book from reaching its full potential.  Even though it is marketed in the children/teen genre there is no excuse for the number of proofreading errors that kept popping up.  Consistent grammatical and spelling errors in a story really distracts from the the reading experience.  If this was my only critique I would have given it more stars.

As it was, there were significant issues I had with the story that really detracted from the overall reading experience.  As the plot progressed towards the climax, too much time was spent discussing and rehashing the battle plans.  I got to where I was skimming through pages of the book to get to the next scene.  Without giving away spoilers, I was also disappointed in how an acknowledged traitor was handled; both by allowing the traitor the ability to be part of their group and to escape.  Finally, I felt as though the “climactic ending” left me scratching my head in confusion.

I really wanted to like Mark of Destiny and believe that it still has a lot of potential.