• Unbroken (Unquiet Book 2) by Kay Camden
Unbroken Book Cover Unbroken
Kay Camden
New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Thriller
Kay Camden
September 25, 2020

Waapikoona’s journey home was supposed to be a respite from the chaos that tore her from her path in Missouri. Bad news and new grief cut the warm welcome short. Even armed with the perfect clue to find her sister’s abuser, the danger she faces is all too … real.

Mick feels like the most unqualified of heroes. Too much to do brings too many mistakes and distracts him from his hunt for Waapikoona. When an unexpected guest arrives in his woods, urgency electrifies his search. It’s no longer just his life that depends on finding Waapikoona.

The creatures of the underworld are multiplying. Growing bolder. And now threatening more than just Mick. He can’t solve anything without Waapikoona, but someone else has found her first—someone who wants her dead. She’s been raised from her grave once. Twice would be a miracle.Unb

Original and extremely well executed…

Unbroken, Kay Camden’s second installment of the Unquiet Series, is a seamless continuation of the end of book 1.  Mick and Waapikoona could not be more different; a twentieth century, white, working class man who is good to the core and a Native American woman born in the late 1800s but raised back to life from her bones by an underworld demon, The Silent One.  Her obligations to the demon, in a deal to eventually raise her younger sister, lead Waapikoona to a life of murder, procuring souls for the demon.  Waapikoona’s presence unlocks not only Mick’s heart but a thunder eagle within him, a being created to hunt and destroy underworld abominations like Waapikoona.  Waapikoona’s insubordination to The Silent One, when she saves Mick’s life, affirms her deep feelings for Mick and forces her to disappear, with the hope that she can regain her purpose and ultimately bring her sister back to life.  Mick’s obligations in Wyona, Missouri keep in from fully searching for her but he never gives up feeling as if she is the only one to help him navigate this new world.  If life wasn’t complicated or frustrating enough for Mick, the appearance of a an unexpected undead child magnifies his need to find Waapikoona.

Kay Camden has created a totally original supernatural thriller that is as fascinating as it is engrossing. Set in rural Missouri among the caves and forests between the Cahokia Mounds, site of the pre-historic native Mississippians, and tribal lands of Oklahoma, the Unquiet Series draws from Native American myths and culture as backdrop to a story that is both sweeping in magnitude, a undead army of Native Americans created by a maleficent demon to take over the world, and intimately touching, two lonely hearts brought together despite everything stacked against them. Unbroken is told equally from both Mick and Waapikoona’s perspectives as their separate lives snake their way back to each other while the undead start making waves in the world of the living.  Kay peppers each chapter with new twists in the plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder where this will all end.

I’m hooked on the Unquiet Series and the unlikely relationship between Mick and Waapikoona.  Unbroken further shows that both are such raw but real characters whose struggles and emotions are almost tangible.  The burdens of life as well as the call of their created natures should be more than enough to keep them apart, but as Mick and Waapikoona quickly find out, love is not always rational. This is the light that keeps them focused even though they fight it and is the bright spot in a story that is actually quite brutal and dark. While I definitely do not gravitate towards dark thrillers, the Unquiet Series is so well done and captivating that I could not put it down and am eagerly waiting for the next book to be published.