A Forced Proximity, Single Parent Romance to Swoon Over!
A Mountain Divides Us Book Cover A Mountain Divides Us
Crescent Pass (Book 2)
Allie Winters
Contemporary Romance
Independently Published
March 23, 2023
ebook, paperback

- Kristen -
Eli Andrews wasn’t supposed to be anything other than a temporary roommate.
On paper, it all makes sense. I rent out a room to him to earn some much-needed cash when my work hours get cut. I’ll stay on my side of the house and he’ll stay on his. Away from me and my kids.
But he wasn’t supposed to be tall and gorgeous and make butterflies flutter in my stomach. He wasn’t supposed to be helpful and charming and supportive in a way I didn’t know I needed. He wasn’t supposed to waken that part of me that’s laid dormant for so long, an attraction building between us the longer he stays. I wasn’t supposed to fall under his spell.
Or into his bed.
For years, I’ve made sensible choices. Ones that are best for me and my kids. Ones that don’t involve sexy blue-eyed strangers who are only in town for a month.
Eli Andrews isn’t staying in Crescent Pass. But tell that to my heart.

- Eli -
Kristen Taylor wasn’t supposed to be the woman of my dreams.
On paper, it doesn’t make sense. She’s a widow with two kids, while I’m the guy who avoids relationships. Only, when plans fall through and I’m stuck on a job with nowhere to stay, she’s the one who comes through for me.
But she wasn’t supposed to be so easy to get along with. She wasn’t supposed to show me what a family could really be like. She wasn’t supposed to make my heart pound.
Or tempt me beyond belief.
For years, I’ve kept to myself. It’s safer that way. No one to disappoint or hurt you in return. Besides, I’m not staying in Crescent Pass.
So why can’t I get her out of my head… or my heart?

“I haven’t spent this much time alone with a guy in forever. That’s probably all this is. Simple proximity, It’s not him, but the situation.”

After reading A Mountain Divides Us by Allie Winters I’m going to need Allie to dedicate her entire writing schedule to this Crescent Pass series because if I can’t live in this fictional town, then I need the next best thing: all the books. A Mountain Divides Us is the roommates to lovers, forced proximity, single parent romance that gave me all the feels.

“Kristen. The woman I wasn’t expecting while visiting this tiny town for a month. The woman I can’t stop thinking about.”

Kristen is the hardest working momma to twins. Take all your good thoughts and send them to this poor woman. She is a superhero. Her littles are precocious and naughty, but I would absolutely protect them at all costs just like my own. Sister to Owen (from A Forest Between Us), Kristen is running low on funds. She works as a freelance editor and jobs aren’t as bountiful as they once were. Her plan is simple: rent out a room and have a small supplement to her income. I love that fortune smiles on Kristen and Eli shows up, tired, road weary, and in need of a nap instead of her intended flaky renter.

Eli didn’t intend to rent from Kristen, but once he got there, he was hard-pressed to look elsewhere. A bachelor in every sense of the word, I loved how seamlessly Eli fit into Kristen’s life. Even her kids fell under his spell. Honestly, I can’t blame Eli nor can I blame Kristen. They are only human. Allie Winters does a superb job of writing all the yearning and pining that burns between Eli and Kristen. Phew! I was so ready for these two to finally give in to their chemistry. Even if Eli had only planned on staying in Crescent Pass for a month due to his job, I was feeling all the emotions right along with Kristen as she slowly let herself open up to the possibility of loving another man after a disastrous first marriage.

“Eli’s gaze runs a slow sweep over me, something I’m not sure he’s even aware of doing. A tingle travels down my spine in response, and I tell myself to quit that.”

A Mountain Divides Us hits all the right notes for me. I had all the feelings, laugh out loud moments, and I swooned for Eli right along with Kristen. Not only that but the fact that Eli finally finds a slice of happiness in a family that he never really had is something that I just love. His journey to find some healing after trauma was just as fulfilling as his HEA with Kristen. Allie Winters, please don’t make us wait too much longer for the next one! I need more! Congrats on an amazing new release!