• The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay
The Ruthless Gentleman
Louise Bay
Contemporary Romance
May 8, 2018

As a chief stewardess on luxury superyachts, I massage egos, pamper the spoiled and cater to the most outlandish desires of the rich and famous.

I’ve never had a guest want something I can’t give them. Until British businessman Hayden Wolf comes aboard—all sexy swagger and mysterious requests.
He wants me.

And Hayden Wolf’s a man who’s used to getting exactly what he demands.

Despite being serious and focused. Demanding and ruthless. He’s also charming when I least expect it as well as being devastatingly handsome with an almost irresistible smile.

But guests are strictly off limits and I’ve never broken a rule. Not even bent one. My family are depending on me and I can’t lose my job.

Only problem is Hayden Wolf is looking at me like I just changed his life. And he's touching me like he’s about to change mine.

A standalone romance.

“I want to spend the rest of my life working to be the man who deserves you.”

Louise Bay has once again worked her ink-slinging magic and I am left with both a swoony new book boyfriend and a major book hangover.

Avery Walker is damn good at her job. As chief stewardess aboard a number of superyachts, she is responsible for catering to every whim of both the rich and the famous. And no matter WHAT their requests might be, she figures out a way to accommodate them, and does it with a smile on her face. Even if the smile is pasted on. Her number one rule? Never EVER get involved with a guest. She has way too much riding on her income. An aging father and a disabled sibling, although thousands of miles away from her, rely on the money she makes to pay her brother’s medical bills, and keep them afloat. So she is always aloof, professional and keeps her interaction with guests strictly business. Until Hayden Wolf boards her boat.

Hayden Wolf may be a bit of a player. But when it comes to his company? He’s all business. And he’s about to land one of the biggest deals of his career. He just needs to isolate himself to get it done. When his brother suggests a superyacht in the middle of the Mediterranean, Hayden is on board (in more ways than one). He needs total focus, no distractions, and isn’t about to trust anyone. And he certainly doesn’t need an incredibly sexy stewardess offering to cater to his every need. Because there’s no way his brain isn’t turning that into something completely inappropriate. 

Eight weeks. In the middle of the ocean. No phones. No computers. No outside communication. No touching. No problem. Right?

God the chemistry between Hayden and Avery is off the charts hot. And Hayden’s hidden vulnerability and Avery’s secret zest for life make this story even more delicious. Interactions with the other crew and family members, sightseeing and sunrises, every bit of this story is wonderful. From purely business, to fun and flirty, to down and dirty, this book has it all.