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Abigail Strom
New Adult Romance
Montlake Romance
January 2, 2018

“Houston, we have a major attraction.”

After years of dealing with a heart condition and an overprotective mother, Airin Delaney is finally having her first taste of freedom in Waikiki—and it’s intoxicating. But it’s nothing compared to the out-of-this-world attraction between her and astronaut Hunter Bryce. Airin is determined to shoot for the stars and experience her first real kiss.

All Hunter has ever wanted is to explore the universe. That is, until a certain black-haired, wide-eyed beauty shakes him to the core. Hunter knows almost nothing about Airin, not even her last name. All he knows is that she’s the kind of girl he could fall over-the-moon in love with. Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t be worse. While Airin is celebrating her first night of freedom, Hunter is celebrating his last—before embarking on an eight-month mission.

It was only supposed to be one night. But sometimes that’s all fate needs to change two lives forever.

Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars…

This was my first Abigail Strom book so I wasn’t sure what was in store for me. Sometimes going in to a book with no expectations can be pleasantly surprising. It was apparent to me that Ms. Strom did her homework. I thought the research about space, astronaut training and life, and Mars was fascinating. And it was evident that she really researched the science of the space program itself- from zero gravity, to funding and beyond.

Aerin Delaney has led a relatively sheltered life. Recovering from chronic heart issues, her childhood was spent mostly in isolation, and immersed in learning. This has made her somewhat socially awkward, and almost a foreigner to typical life.

Hunter Bryce is in Waikiki for his brother’s wedding and then to enter a bubble of sorts- an 8 month astronaut training program to prepare for an eventual flight to Mars.

A chance encounter outside a bar provides the meet-cute for these two. But, although sparks fly between them immediately, anything further is out of the question. Hunter will be out of communication shortly and Aerin will need to return to her placement under her mother’s thumb, and under the watchful eyes of bodyguards.

But fate has something different in store for these two. Hunter’s carefully laid plans are changed in an instant. And Aerin decides to try life outside of her mom’s shadow. The two bond over a love of space and science. But the physical attraction becomes the slowest of burns. What lies in store for these two? A future in the stars?

Ms. Strom does an excellent job of weaving the science into the storyline. Aerin is sweet, unassuming, but incredibly intelligent. Hunter is sexy, loyal and stubborn. They make a great pair. I felt the plot moved a bit too slowly at several points and I was disappointed with the ending. It felt kind of like a letdown after all the pair had endured. I think perhaps the POV made it difficult, at times, to connect with the characters and their emotions. But overall, it was an interesting read.