• A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh
A Madness of Sunshine Book Cover A Madness of Sunshine
Nalini Singh
New Adult, Murder, Thriller
December 3, 2019
Hardcover, Kindle,

On the rugged West Coast of New Zealand, Golden Cove is more than just a town where people live. The adults are more than neighbors; the children, more than schoolmates.

That is until one fateful summer—and several vanished bodies—shatters the trust holding Golden Cove together. All that’s left are whispers behind closed doors, broken friendships, and a silent agreement to not look back. But they can’t run from the past forever.

Eight years later, a beautiful young woman disappears without a trace, and the residents of Golden Cove wonder if their home shelters something far more dangerous than an unforgiving landscape.

It’s not long before the dark past collides with the haunting present and deadly secrets come to light.

Absolutely Riveting…

The West Coast of New Zealand is a stunning and beautiful place where its remoteness, jagged cliffs and churning seas has produced rugged and close knit communities where everyone knows the comings and goings of everyone else.  No one understands this better than Anahera, who married and moved to London only to return after a tragic turn of events in her life, or Will, the guarded law-officer who is dogged by his own demons.  When their fates cross as the result of a young and vibrant life prematurely ended they are forced to prioritize the desire to bring her justice over their own haunted pasts.

This lush and panoramic area of New Zealand is deceptively volatile and dangerous and the perfect setting for a story of intrigue and whodunit.  While nature, with its precarious cliffs and tumultuous seas, is no respecter of person and can take the most seasoned outdoors-man, the people of Golden Cove also harbor a dangerous predator within its familiar ranks who preys on a certain type of victom.

Nalini Singh is an exceptional writer, creating characters and a story that is authentic and captivating.  A Madness of Sunshine  perfectly balances intrigue and suspense with the budding relationship between Anahera and Will that will have you anxiously turning the pages till the very end to see how both are resolved.  Do not miss out on this exotic and mysterious tale!