Who Needs Four Directions?

My compass only points due West

westOh, damn.

I actually might need a few more “oh, damns”, actually.  When  I got this cover in  my email yesterday, I might have squealed a little. I also might have sent an excited meme directly to the author. West by Stacey Marie Brown is a continuation of a great series and I cannot wait for more.  But beyond that, I feel a special kinship to West because I was sitting across from Ms. Brown for a little while as she was writing his story.  I mean, that practically makes him mine, right?


And then you look and see the taunting tagline across the top and you think, “How hot IS this guy?”  I mean, it’s pretty friggin’ hard to beat Eli Dragen in the sexy, swoon-worthy alpha male category, so if West puts Eli to shame?  God. Help. Us. All. *needs smelling saults*

But seriously, if you have somehow just escaped captivity, living under a rock, an extended excursion at the International Space Station or just recently learned the alphabet, it’s time to start the Darkness series.  We reviewed the first book in the series, Darkness of Light, so you can get going there.  After you’ve finished them, come back here and join me in gawking at this cover.

Or just one-click this bad boy now… and I do mean Bad Boy (LOOK at him! 😉 )

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