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Darkness of Light Book Cover Darkness of Light
Stacey Marie Brown
Twisted Fairy Publishing
February 16, 2013

Strange things have always happened to 18 year old Ember Brycin, but when the latest school explosion lands her in a facility for trouble teens, she discovers a secret that changes not only her life, but what and who she is. Love, lies, deceit, and betrayal lead her down a path to the Otherworld, into another realm where she will probably not survive.

Oh, maaaaaaan. I have a new book boyfriend.

Eli, mama’s waiting.

I am such a terrible person.

You know how you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover?  Ya, I totally do that.  A lot actually.  And though the cover for Darkness of Light by Stacey Marie Brown is attractive, I totally misjudged the content.  I didn’t know if it was some twisted sci-fi or some random lamery, but I just wasn’t having it.

I failed you for so long, readers.

I dove into Darkness of Light this week and DEVOURED it.  First of all, I love.love.love Ember. I don’t want anymore kids, but I kind of love that name.  I’m thinking maybe I should bully my daughters one day. Hear that, Liv and Lola?

Anyway… then he showed up.

Oh, Eli Dragen.  You are friggin hawt.  Ya, you have some moments when I am kinda worried if you’re someone Ember should come in contact with, especially with his violent, volatile tendencies.  But there is something very Roth (a la Armentrout) about him, and you start believing he would do whatever he could for Ember, maybe more over time.

Or maybe he’s just a douche.

The fact is, we really just don’t know.  I mean, he’s hot as hell, but he keeps vanishing, and he seems like he may be playing Em the whole time.

And then there’s Torin.  I mean, what’s the deal?

The fact is, I just can’t be sure.  Though this book doesn’t have a cliffhanger, it also doesn’t have an “ending”.  Guess who had to download the next book right away… plus the audio because Michelle Sparks does a wonderful job on this one.

Darkness of Light is free digitally right now, so it’s a great time to start this series and get into a really unique world with some strong and complex characters.