Finding Alana by Meg Farrell

Finding Alana Book Cover Finding Alana
Meg Farrell
Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Farrell Writes, LLC
May 5, 2016
Kindle, Paperback

Five years after the brutal end to her marriage, Alana Thomas is still working to establish her new life. Having barely survived her last relationship, she’s become proficient at avoiding romantic entanglements. The truth of her former life is a secret she bears alone. Justin Ellis is starting over after leaving his career as a police officer. He's a genuine, good guy with a troubling past. Life starts looking up after meeting Alana, who makes him feel alive again. Being with her eases the guilt he bears. Alana wants him and wants to trust him. Being with him makes her feel safe. Will she risk everything to tell him the truth?

Certain subjects are hard to write about…

The ugliness of life provides many topics for a story.  Many authors try to use controversial and/or difficult subject matter but, if not done right, it can overshadow and taint the whole work, leaving the reader with a bad taste in their mouth or worse, causing them to put the book down in disgust. faberge egg


One the other hand, when done right, using an unpleasant reality can bring light to a hard truth and humanize the people affected.  This is harder than it sounds.  Writing about such a topic is akin to painting a Faberge egg.  One wrong move and the egg is ruined.  But, weave all the pieces together and you have an amazing thing.

Meg Farrell produces a beautiful “egg” in Finding Alana.

The synopsis of the book does not do justice or entice the reader to the discover the gem of a story hidden in the pages.  From the beginning it was easy to make a connection with Alana.  She is genuine and affable and I immediately forgot she was just a character of a book.   Meg’s writing style quickly pulls the reader through the pages as Alana’s story and the hell from which she escaped is revealed.  Her strength of character and compassion is impressive considering everything she has been through.


Meg’s supporting characters are just as rich and developed as Alana and help to illustrate the ripple affect that domestic abuse can have on many people.  Meg artfully illustrates the fundamental truth that we are not an island.  We need others, not only because it makes life richer, but because we all have moments in life when the load is too heavy or the pain is to great to carry alone. It is when Alana comes to this realization that she finds healing, love, and restoration.



Finding Alana is only 202 pages but a gem and so worth the read.  It is uplifting and entertaining and a great reminder of the power of love to restore the brokenness in our lives.

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