A Lengthy Monster Romance Filled with Love, Lust, and Forgiveness
The Widow and the Orcs: A Monster Fantasy Romance Book Cover The Widow and the Orcs: A Monster Fantasy Romance
Orc Sworn (Book 9)
Finley Fenn
Fantasy Romance, Historical Fantasy Romance, Monster Romance
Independently Published
June 14, 2024
ebook, paperback

He’ll do anything for his wounded warrior… even wooing him a widow.

In a world of orcs and men, Lady Scall is a widow besieged — by her debts, her demons, and her dangerous lord neighbour. But time is running out, and she’s about to lose everything…

Until the night an orc shows up in her chambers.

Killik is a cold, cruel, condescending spy, and he wants nothing to do with Lady Scall… for himself.

But he’s decided she’s the perfect woman for his clanmate. For Ulfarr, the Wolf of Clan Skai.

And Ulfarr isn’t just any orc. He’s a huge, broken, brutal monster with a dark, deadly past…

And Killik wants Lady Scall to help Ulfarr.
To heal Ulfarr.
To handle Ulfarr however she pleases…

In return, Killik will solve all her problems — and he’ll teach her how to tend and tame an orc. And maybe, if she behaves, he’ll fulfill all her own deepest longings, too…

But even a desperate, lonely widow shouldn’t risk such a scandalous affair, right? Especially when Ulfarr’s secrets are darker than she ever imagined, and Killik far more jealous than she knew…

And a deal with two devils might draw more doom to her door… and her heart.


An angsty, full-length, enemies to lovers fantasy romance. Comes after The Beauty and the Orcs, but also reads as a standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed.

A Sweeping Historical Fantasy Romance

What you should know about Finley Fenn isn’t that they *just* write monster romances featuring lusty Orcs and the human women who get swept up into a whirlwind of a whole spectrum of Orc-style love. I think the most impressive part of Finley Fenn’s writing is the fact that this author delivers a vibrantly complex and unique world in a historical fantasy setting, and each and every book is both unique, lengthy, and impressive in it’s own right.

The Widow and the Orcs is interconnected to the other books in the Orc Sworn series, however, it can easily be read as a standalone. Finley Fenn has a delightful way as a storyteller to weave characters and plotlines from other stories into the newest novel without it being a burden on the reader.

A Widow and the Orcs Who Steal Her Heart

Following Louisa, a recent widow, as she navigates having to handle a home with staff, while juggling her recently deceased husband’s substantial debts, and a nephew (by marriage) who wants the last bit of land that she resides on to add to his own encompassing estate that he inherited from Louisa’s husband’s death. Poor Louisa. However, depending on how you look at it, Louisa’s troubles are easily put to rest with an offer from an Orc.

The way I picture Louisa with Killik

Killik is desperate to pull his friend, lover, and mentor, Ulfarr out of the desperate misery of depression and unending pain. Though these struggles are a result of Ulfarr’s own actions, Killik’s love is so great that he solicits the help of Louisa in order to assuage Ulfarr’s descent into a guilt-ridden depression by asking her to share her bed with Ulfarr for 10 nights. The only issue is that Louisa as her own demons to work through as well.

The Bond They Form Together Will Heal Them

Killik, Ulfarr, and Louisa are a triad who confront lust, and mental health themes head-on with communication, patience, and finally with love and acceptance. Their journey from bargaining bed-mates to a lust-filled bond-mates is a journey in forgiveness and honesty to others and themselves.

Finley Fenn outdid themselves with The Widow and the Orcs. Not only is this one of the heftiest books in recent releases, but it is also the one that explores the heaviest of themes with the deftest of hands. The Widow and the Orcs isn’t just another monster romance. While there are raunchy moments, (the Orcs love a breeding kink) there are also some of the most romantic and tender moments of the whole series in these pages. Do yourselves a favor and consider giving any one of Finley Fenn’s romances a try. You won’t regret it.