Tales of Elhaanai by Nicole Patrice Thomas
Tales of Elhaanai, The Prophecy, Wages of War Book Cover Tales of Elhaanai, The Prophecy, Wages of War
Tales of Elhaanai
Nicole Patrice Thomas
Christian Fantasy, Children, Teen
Nicole P. Thomas
April 14, 2020, January 30, 2021, May 1, 2021
Kindle, Paperback

Tales of Elhaanai 

A baby switched before birth. A false Queen desperate to rule. A lust for power that could destroy the entire kingdom. An ancient evil is spreading, moving behind the scenes and Alric is running out of time to stop it.Using dark magic in an attempt to take control of the throne, Devona, the king’s sister is caught in her own snare when a spell results in more than she can handle and her own son pays the price. When Alric is caught between the reality he’s always known and a destiny he’s just discovered, he becomes the target of ruthless men sent to kill him.On the run for his life, Alric heads for the Mnara Mountains with his unwilling sister in tow, together they must find an Oracle, master their gifts, and save a kingdom Alric never knew was his birthright.

The Prophecy

Their mothers died believing in it.Devona paid the price trying to stop it.Alric stands to lose his soul if he doesn’t surrender to it. But when murder is the first option, Death isn’t always the end. The Prophecy is not what they have been led to believe... nothing is.

Wages of War 

The conflict between the light and the darkness has waged since the dawn of time, yet hundreds still answer the cry for war. Having fully accepted their destinies, the monarchy has come to an end and a new shaman has been appointed. Ghost from the past will test the restored faith of one man and the redemptive choices of another, is forgiveness and redemption available for all or are there some actions no one can recover from. Battles lines have been drawn and the blood of the innocent will be avenged.

Teens will love Tales of Elhaanai…

Nicole Patrice Thomas’ debut series, Tales of Elhaanai chronicles the age old struggle between good and evil in the mythical realm of Elhaanai. Alric has grown up believing his mother, Wleia, and twin sister, Elainea, are his flesh and blood. As twins they are both gifted with supernatural powers that manifested early in life. Their sixteenth birthday reveals he is actually Prince Alric, son of Alanna Bear-Claw and King Kaison, who were murdered by the current queen, Devona, Alanna’s sister. Alanna paid with her life to hide her child until he came of age. Now the winds have changed and are proclaiming Alric’s existence. Devona’s wickedness knows no bounds in her attempt to change the Prophecy and go against the Fates. To discover their destiny and harness their gifts, Alric and Elainea must seek out The One, before Devona and the forces of evil find them. But, when the Prophecy is not what it seems there is more at stake than just their lives. The final battle will make each person declare their allegiance to light or darkness and avenge the loss of innocent life once and for all.

“He had never given it much thought”

Nicole has used the power of fiction in Tales of Elhaanai to address the philosophical and spiritual questions of life. Written in a clear, easy to read style, her storytelling takes on a life of its own, transporting the reader into the rich world of contrast between light and dark. The ideas she wants you to think about and the truths she wants to impart, are artfully woven in a fast-paced, captivating plot. This is not a preachy story but a wonderful fiction tale that reveals spiritual principals. She seems to summarize her intent in the life of Wleia, “Wleia hadn’t spoken directly about her beliefs; she just lived it, quietly but strongly. She blessed every meal. She thanked The One for everything no matter how small. She lived gratefully and it shook him to the core.” It is seeing faith lived out through the lives of characters that causes readers to ponder things they might not think about in everyday life.

A great fictional story with life lessons and spiritual implications is a wonderful addition to any child’s library. Their imaginations will carry them away as their minds are challenged with reflections of good and evil and encouraged to choose how they will live their lives. Nicole has created a wonderful Christian fantasy in Tales of Elhaanai that will engage children of all ages. As a bonus, the audio version of this great series is scheduled to be released August 2021.