• Something Like Perfect
Something Like Perfect Book Cover Something Like Perfect
S.C. Stephens
Contemporary Romance
June 23, 2020
ebook and paperback

From #1 New York Times bestselling author S.C. Stephens comes a complex romance about finding your purpose, living your dreams, and loving your soul mate.

Valerie would never do anything to hurt her sister, but when the man of Valerie’s dreams turns out to be her sister’s new boyfriend, remaining loyal to her family becomes increasingly difficult. Valerie knows nothing can ever happen between her and Jake, but that doesn’t prevent her from growing hopelessly fond of him.

By keeping her distance, Valerie is mostly successful in pushing her feelings for Jake aside, but when she struggles to land a job after culinary school, it’s Jake who offers her the opportunity of a lifetime working with a world-renowned chef…and also, working with Jake.

Valerie’s heart twists with indecision. Does she take the job of a lifetime cooking and sailing around on a yacht, but torture herself in an isolated situation with a man who is perfectly made for her yet absolutely off limits? Or does she reject the offer that could get her so much closer to making her dreams come true?

“Real love doesn’t meet you at your best. It meets you in your mess.” -J.S. Park

Buckle up, Buttercups because I have your next summer read all lined up for you! Something Like Perfect by S.C. Stephens not only has a gorgeous cover, but the inside is filled with the perfect recipe for a summer read: an instantly relatable heroine, a swoony hero, undeniable chemistry, and enough angst and emotion to make this book absolutely unputdownable.

Valerie is a character that once you meet you know she would be the first person to call for just about anything. She’s a girl’s girl. We meet her just before her culinary school journey is over, and then get to follow her as she tries to figure out the next step in life…which involves trying to find a job and to avoid her sister’s new boyfriend, Jake.

Now, before you ruffle your feathers and call for me to be drawn and quartered, this is NOT a cheating book. Real life is messy, and so is love. Jake and Valerie have meet cute in a coffee shop after she ties one on at the beginning of the book (see? relatable). You’ve got to love and appreciate a man who can see the quality of the girl underneath a hangover, and then extend some kindness to the poor girl. Jake is the epitome of a good guy…trust me. You know the saying “right guy, wrong time”? This perfectly describes this situation.

Valerie and Jake both love and respect their relationship too much with Valerie’s sister, Kylie, to risk it by giving into their attraction. So they stop everything before it can be an anything. It’s only when Valerie starts to give up hope on finding a job in the culinary world that will both challenge her and help her grow as a chef, that Jake shows up and presents a perfect job for her…that would require her to be on a yacht…with him. Yikes. This is where the angst comes in, and then all the page-turning action and drama.

Book friends: I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish Something Like Perfect. It has delicious beach read written all over it (I’ll say it again, have you seen the cover?!). I’m definitely trying to stay away from spoilers, but let’s just say you will not want to put this book down! There is angst, action, and so much summer blockbuster vibes in this book, complete with a perfectly finished ending. Trust me, everything will get resolved and you will be at peace with a great Happily Ever After.

Available Now and in Kindle Unlimited! Something Like Perfect by S.C. Stephens was just released on June 23rdso you should not wait to one-click this beauty.