• Ivory (The Manhattan Ten Series Book 1) by Lola Dodge
Ivory Book Cover Ivory
The Manhattan Ten Series (Book 1)
Lola Dodge
Action & Adventure Romance
Ink Monster, LLC
October 22nd, 2019

“Another stunner superhero romance novel from the amazing Lola Dodge.” -Literary George

An ice princess. A jaguar shifter.

She’s a flight attendant who wants nothing to do with super heroes. Hiding her ice powers. Hiding from her family. Hiding is a full-time job, but Ivory can only suppress her inner warrior if she wants to keep the normal life she’s built from nothing.

He’s a career hero and a member of the legendary Manhattan Ten. Tall, dark, and shifter, the concrete jungle is his playground. Jag takes nothing seriously until Ivory tempts his inner predator.

Can he melt the stone-cold goddess?

It’s love at first fight in the first volume of the Manhattan Ten Series.

[A novella-length superhero romance of 30K words. Rated 18+ for adult language and some sexual content. Perfect reading for fans of Jennifer Estep’s Bigtime series and Lexi Dunne’s Superheroes Anonymous.]

The Manhattan Ten Series:
1. Ivory - October 2019
2. Temptress - November 2019
3. Belle Fury - December 2019
4. Angel - January 2020

Kitties, Ice & Everything Nicely Spicy!

Ivory is the first (and newly released) novella-length story in The Manhattan Ten Series by Lola Dodge. Don’t worry, just because this a shorter story doesn’t mean that the readers get short changed on fun. Instead it takes off soaring! Really! The story starts off in an airplane, and we find out why airplanes and Superhumans create a great setting for getting to know our two main characters: Ivory and Jag.

Valdis aka Ivory isn’t your typical flight attendant. She’s a princess from a race of super-people that has ice in their veins. Think Queen Elsa, but taller, and a little scarier. Valdis had a falling out with her family, and has since been trying to stay under the radar of the public. Nothing would be worse than being in the public eye. So when Ivory inadvertently gives her secrety indentity away to one seriously rage-y passenger, luckily there’s another Super on board to help before she gets lost to her inner ice warrior.

Jag is a Superhero and part of The Manhattan Ten. He fell asleep on the job, literally. He was supposed to keep an eye on the passenger that attacked Ivory. What he wasn’t expecting was how icy Ivory makes his inner kitty purr. He’s a jaguar shifter, and Ivory is the perfectly cool warrior to his jungle heat predator.

This is definitely a spicy book! The chemistry between the two is both hot and comical. Ivory is reluctant to give herself over to how she feels about Jag. And then there’s Jag, who is so impatient, he will do anything to prove to Ivory that he’s not afraid of her or her ice warrior. What Ivory doesn’t expect is not only a job offer, but to be thrust directly into the media crosshairs after that disastrous plane ride. As good as The Manhattan Ten seem, the allure of fading away is equally appealing. It’s only until Ivory picks up on a clue that helps in an ongoing Manhattan Ten case does she realize that she’ll do more good with the team of Superheros, than just trying to start over somewhere else.

I’m not sure what’s more fun: the fast-paced plot, or the Superheros that make up The Manhattan Ten. All of them are unique, and the brief glimpse we get is really enticing. Ivory by Lola Dodge is a 5 Snowflake story! Don’t miss Book 2, Temptress, which comes out on November 12th!