• Descending into Madness by Stacey Marie Brown
Descending into Madness Book Cover Descending into Madness
Winterland Tale
Stacey Marie Brown
Paranormal, adventure, new adult
Independently published
July 20, 2019
Kindle, Paperback

Your holiday season is about to get deliciously naughty...

What if Alice Liddell’s story didn’t happen the way you think? What if it wasn’t Wonderland she fell into, but Winterland.
This mad tale is dark, twisted, sexy, and nothing like the legend you know.

After losing her job and finding her boyfriend/boss cheating on her with her replacement, twenty-five-year-old Alice Liddell has moved back home to save money and regroup.

She doesn’t think things can get worse until her younger, more responsible sister, Dinah, gets her a job—as a Christmas elf.
Dressed in a slutty costume with fathers peeking down her top and kids vomiting on her, she wants nothing more than to escape the reality of her life.

When she sees a sexy, shirtless man, carrying a glowing red light, and bearing antlers, her curiosity gets the better of her. But following him might be the biggest mistake she ever made.

Falling into another realm, Alice finds herself in the world of holiday legends and fairytales. But she is not prepared her for the dark madness of this place. Nothing is what is seems and no one is what they are in the fairytales.

Even the mysterious, sexy Scrooge.

Welcome to Winterland, where the good guys from the North Pole have gone bad, and the only way to survive is to descend into its madness.

Holly Snowbells!!!!

That is the only thing I can think to say (taking my cue from the Christmas themed expletives laced throughout the book) about Stacey Marie Brown’s newest work Descending into Madness.  This is the first part of her Winterland Tale series and is like nothing she has written before.  We’ve all read or at least seen retellings of classic children’s stories and fairy tales but Descending into Madness is Stacey’s version of sticking in a blender Alice in Wonderland with the Christmas tales involving Santa Clause and other favorites, adding a hefty dose of adult spices, blending until well mixed and “Voila”!  You have Descending in Madness; the most unique, twisted, and hilarious reinvented story involving bits and pieces of the original stories and characters you will ever find.

When I first started reading I was actually clueless as to the storyline.  I only knew that I liked Stacey’s books so I would read and review this one, too.  Initially I was disappointed thinking she was not doing a very good job of producing her own version of Alice in Wonderland I’m not sure if it was the hulking reindeer man leading her down the rabbit hole, the white rabbit with only one foot, or the Chippendale-esque Ebeneezer Scrooge as the Madhatter that made me realize that this was no retelling of any of these stories in the traditional sense but a strapped in, psychedelic, crazy ride; no drugs needed.  There is no way to describe it, you just have to read it for yourself.

Descending into Madness is fascinating and extremely compelling and incredibly hard to put down.   Of course, that kind of story would also happen to end with a riveting cliff-hanger that will have you issuing your own Christmas themed expletives when you realize you there is no release date yet for book 2.