• A Tale of Woe and Lamentations
Snow's Lament Book Cover Snow's Lament
Fairy Tale League
S. E. Babin
Young Adult Fantasy
March 7, 2016
Kindle E-book

Trapped on Earth thanks to Snow’s wicked stepmother, the gang is going stir crazy. Just when they think they can’t catch a break, Rumple shows up and offers his assistance. But everyone knows Rumple isn’t the altruistic sort. Suspicious, but out of ideas, Snow accepts his offer of help to get back home, only to find herself face to face with Max, her once upon a time lover. And he no longer looks so friendly.

Thrust headfirst into danger and betrayal, Snow and the gang will have to form unlikely alliances with ancient enemies in order to take down Naomi. But that isn’t all. Naomi has closed the portals with magic, trapping them, and choking off access to all the different realms, leaving Snow's people destitute.

This is the moment when Snow will have to embrace her unknown powers in order to break the powerful spell cast upon the realms. Who can she trust when everything she knows changes? Sometimes fairytales don’t have happy endings. Snow is hell-bent on making sure this one does.

free copyNot Your Average Fairy Tale!

Snow’s Lament revolves around the trials and tribulations of none other than the fabled Snow White, as she embarks on a magical journey to reclaim her kingdom from her wicked step-mother. Her motley crew of friends, advisers, and allies includes Robin of Loxley, Rumpelstiltskin (sort of a good guy in this story), Cinderella, Belle, Merlin, and Maleficent (yes, also a good guy!).

Although some aspects of the story are what you would expect, such as the wicked step-mother stealing the kingdom, others are fresh and unexpectedly awesome. Like simmering romantic tension between Belle and Robin Hood? Surprisingly hot. A gun-wielding and butt kicking Snow White? Heck yeah! And a Maleficent who is trying to make up for her past evil-doings? Sweet, in a  strange sort of way. What there isn’t: singing forest creatures, or a happy romantic ending. Really, there is nothing cutesy about this story. If you want that, stick with Disney’s version!

This story is told with just enough humor and sarcasm to balance out it’s darker aspects, such as the whole-sale murder of innocent villagers, and the twisted romance between Snow and a somewhat psychopathic version of the Huntsman. Snow’s Lament is a quick and entertaining read; I would recommend it to anyone who wants a break from reality!

As a side note: Snow’s Lament is part of a series. But although this is the second book, it stands alone quite well. The first book is entitled The Hunt for Snow, and it seems a third volume will eventually be coming our way. Personally, I can’t wait to read it!