Rose (Lucian and Lia book 4) By Sydney Landon


Max needed someone to love. Rose needed someone to save her

Rose is the 4th book in the Lucian & Lia series by Sydney Landon.  This book was anticipated since we were left on a bit of a cliffhanger from  Mended when Max and Rose were so distant from each other. I have been waiting with bated breath for this book people! And it was worth it!  I knew Rose had a story, I just didn’t know how deep it went.  When we first meet Rose she is the self confident, socialite, dead-shot with a pistol who may be a little bit crazy but lovable.  I had no idea what could possibly be behind door number one when it came to Rose or Max for that matter and let me tell you mind blown!


We know that Rose like her friends is broken too.  The mask she wore for everyone for so long was slowly killing her. Her parents are not who we thought they were.  Her whole life she has been living a lie that has caused her so much pain it may cost her life. The only thing that can save Rose is the love of a man who never thought he could love again.

“To open yourself up to love is also to expose yourself to the possibility of loss. unfortunately, you’re only living half a life without the risk”


Max has his own issues to deal with.  He has faced a tragedy that caused him to lose his ability to love until Rose.  He fought his feelings from the beginning and his insatiable lust for her didn’t help the situation.   Max soon realized that he wants to save her and will do anything in his power to do it.

I loved this book it was a bit faced paced Sydney was able to touch on feeling I think we all have.  Some issues can seem a bit small compared to what Lucian and Lia have been though. Landon was able to make Ms. Maddens issues relatable , real and within reason.  Well done Sydney well done.


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