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When Among Crows by Veronica Roth is great for someone looking for a short book to wet their pallet. The story is well rounded, characters are engaging, and the end wraps everything up nicely.

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“We bear the sword and we bear the pain of the sword”

“I don’t find it painful to be ordinary.”

“”Suffering isn’t atonement”

Would you recommend this book?

Absolutely! When Among Crows packs such a big punch for being a short story. The characters and world building seem so effortless to understand while also diving you deep into the lore of their world. You see just how far one will go to atone for their wrongdoing. It’s a quick and wild ride making you feel all the feels!

Would you be friends with the main character IRL?

While they are wonderful characters for the story at hand, my answer is absolutely not! Too much pain and angst to go around for me. I hope they can find some happiness!

What songs would you put on this book’s playlist?

“Reflection” – Tool
“Need” – Geographer
“Paralyzed” – NF

When Among Crows (Audio) Synopsis:

This program features multicast narration.

When Among Crows is swift and striking, drawing from the deep well of Slavic folklore and asking if redemption and atonement can be found in embracing what we most fear.

We bear the sword, and we bear the pain of the sword.

Pain is Dymitr’s calling. His family is one in a long line of hunters who sacrifice their souls to slay monsters. Now, he’s tasked with a deadly mission: find the legendary witch Baba Jaga. To reach her, Dymitr must ally with the ones he’s sworn to kill.

Pain is Ala’s inheritance. A fear-eating zmora with little left to lose, Ala awaits death from the curse she carries. When Dymitr offers her a cure in exchange for her help, she has no choice but to agree.

Together they must fight against time and the wrath of the Chicago underworld. But Dymitr’s secrets—and his true motives—may be the thing that actually destroys them.

“Lovely, lush, and full of otherworldly longing, this modern fairytale about righteousness and the weight we bear for love is Roth at her most imaginative and ethereal.”—Olivie Blake, New York Times bestselling author of The Atlas Six

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