A Medical Romance with a Suspenseful Twist
Paging Dr. Hart Book Cover Paging Dr. Hart
Dr. Melissa Dymond
Medical Thrillers, Medical Romance, Workplace Romance
Independently published
June 17, 2024
Ebook, Paperback

Her white coat hides a dark past, but his blazing touch makes her want to trade peril for passion.

Ice Queen. That’s Dr. Tiffany Hart’s nickname in the hospital, but when she meets red-hot new hire Dr. Ethan Clark she loses her cool. He’s arrogant, annoying, and stupidly handsome.

That’s okay. Frozen from a past filled with danger and betrayal, Tiffany is immune to charming men, even if they remember her favorite coffee and let her pick what to watch on TV.

Dr. Ethan Clark comes from a long line of famous doctors. Wanting to escape his legacy and forge his own path, he’s happy to transfer to Tiffany’s hospital. Especially when he lays eyes on the fiery redhead doctor assigned to train him.

Sure, she looks like she wants to punch him most of the time, but he can’t ignore the sparks between them so he vows to thaw her icy heart.

When Ethan and Tiffany are sent back to his home hospital and then to a medical conference at Disney World, they’re forced to share close quarters. And when Tiffany’s past finally catches up to them, they have to fight for their lives.

Can this prescription for disaster turn into happily ever after?

Paging Dr. Hart is a swoon-inducing, page-turning, medical romance novel. Read if you like enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, reverse grumpy-sunshine, slow-burn chemistry, and pulse-pounding suspense.

A Medical Romance & Mystery

Mood Readers:

Paging Dr. Hart is a sweet workplace romance with a MMC that is easy to fall in love with. There is also a bit of mystery so prepare for a complex backstory and a FMC with some secrets. Overall, this is easy summer reading!

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How did the book make you feel?

At first, I was all in on Tiffany and Ethan’s love story. Ethan is such a sweetheart and the attraction was hot!
I was invested in Tiffany and understanding her “ice queen” reputation.

Then, the story became more about Tiffany’s past and less about the romance. The story got wild really quicky, and I was left feeling a bit disappointed and confused.

Would you recommend this book?

What I liked most about this book was the romance between Tiffany and Ethan. I wished the whole book was just about them. Tiffany’s backstory provided some texture to the story at first, and I appreciated the flashbacks in the first half of the story. It helped me understand Tiffany’s issues with opening up to others and being vulnerable. However, by the second half, it felt like I was reading two different stories. Tiffany’s past took an unexpected turn of events that just didn’t seem to match up with the Tiffany in the present. How the author tried to tie them all together in the end with the final sequence of events seemed unbelievable and a bit forced.

Would you be friends with the main character IRL?

I would love to be friends with Ethan and Tiffany. They are both hard-working medical professionals but know how to have fun. While at a medical conference in Disney, they skip out on a morning of boring lectures to go eat and ride their way through Epcot. I absolutely would do the same!

What’s your favorite quote from the book?

He picks up a single lock of hair from my shoulder. It blazes scarlet in the late morning light. Running it through his fingers, Ethan bends his head so I’m staring straight into his smoky eyes.

He says softly, “You’re no ice queen. You’re pure fire”

Paging Dr. Hart Synopsis:

Paging Dr. Hart is a medical romance with suspense. It follows the romance between Dr. Tiffany Hart, a third-year resident in radiology at Mercy Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and Dr. Ethan Clark, a transfer resident from Cleveland. They first meet when Tiffany is giving a lecture for the hospital medical staff and Ethan points out a mistake she made in her presentation. Tiffany has an instant dislike for him; later, she finds out that she is the one to train him in the residency program. Things are off to a rocky start between the two!

Forced proximity plays a big role in the budding romance. Tiffany and Ethan first have to work together to establish a new residency exchange program between Mercy Hospital and Ethan’s home hospital in Cleveland. They share an apartment for a month while in Cleveland. Later, they find themselves at the same medical conference in Disney. Walls begin to break down between the two, mainly due to Ethan’s happy and disarming demeanor, his clear respect for Tiffany, and the vulnerable moments they share while in close quarters.

Meanwhile, Tiffany has been receiving mysterious text messages from someone who knows about her past. She grew up in Las Vegas and left it all behind for medical school. As more anonymous messages surface, Tiffany has to face the mistakes she made as a teenager and hope that her relationship with Ethan won’t suffer as a result.