Absolutely Wonderful!!
The Outlaw Noble Salt Book Cover The Outlaw Noble Salt
Amy Harmon
Historical Fiction, Romance, New Adult
Lake Union Publishing
April 9, 2024
Kindle, Paperback, Library Binding, Audiobook

When infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy decides to go straight, he discovers that too many of the powerful men he crossed won’t let bygones be bygones. To have a chance at a new life, he’ll have to become someone else entirely. A brief, fateful encounter with the celebrated singer Jane Touissant on the eve of his escape offers a glimpse of what might have been, but Butch disappears, leaving her behind, until their paths unexpectedly converge again in Paris. Despite having discovered his true identity, Jane trusts the outlaw and enlists his protection on her upcoming American tour. Although Butch is reluctant to agree, fearing his sordid past may put the woman and her young son in danger, the salvation she offers is too hard to resist. As they set forth on their journey, Butch’s past and Jane’s secrets put them at risk from threats far greater than the law, and this legend of the American West will have to decide what matters most―his life, his legacy, or the woman he loves.

“But that’s the way I feel about you. Like I swallowed a star or something. A bolt of light. And I’m all lit up inside.”

Amy Harmon once again delivers a love story, The Outlaw Nobel Salt, that will touch your soul and linger along the recesses of your mind. A historical fiction romance built around the imfamous Butch Cassidy, this book imagines his chance encounter, under the name of Noble Salt, with the world renowned songstress, Jane Touissant, and their journey to chase the happily-ever-after neither thought possible. With strong historical fiction bones and a high suspense storyline this reimagining transcends the historical personas. It is a story of second chances, of love and happiness in its many forms, as well as seeing past a person’s exterior to discover their true essence that masterfully unfolds page after page through Amy’s creative storytelling and ability to create such realistic and personable characters.

The Outlaw Noble Salt is a story of relationships on many levels and between multiple characters: Jane and Noble, Noble and his brother, Jane and her son, Augustus, as well as Noble and Augustus. With each relationship Amy is able to create authentic interactions, some intense and some lighthearted, that lay the foundation for a completely unexpected but absolutely perfect ending. While I loved the blossoming relationship between Noble and Jane, two people with bruised hearts and cynical expectations, I was equally enamored with the connection between Noble and Jane adolescent son, Augustus. The geniune familial bond the grew effortlessly between them with the help of their love for haikus made a great reading experience even better; “I know you love me/ But some love won’t make me strong/ That’s why I can’t stay.” The love Noble finds in Jane and Augustus gives him a new purpose and second chance at experiencing a fullfilling life. But, it also provides Jane and Augustus the chance to finally hope for a life free from a preditory man of means who is obsessed with Jane and will stop at nothing to keep her in his grasp.

“I’m going to love you with everything I have left, all the good and the bad. All the rusty and the rarely used. I’m going to love you. I’m going to take care of you and your boy, as long as you need. And that’s all.”

Amy Harmon is one of my favorite authors and for very good reason, as The Outlaw Noble Salt so clearly demonstrates. She creates wonderfully unique people that reflect all the different facets of personality and character in ways that make them so very believable and relateable. I loved, flaws and all, Noble, Jane, and Augustus and quickly developed a vested interest in their experience. Amy also weaves history into captivating stories that never fail to keep you completely enthralled from beginning to end. Life, as well as many books, gives no guarantees of a happy ending. The real life story of Butch Cassidy, with his death still shrouded in mystery, would seem to be no exception. Yet Amy is able to craft a tale of love and hope in the midst of dispair that was definitely a happy ending, and then some, for me! The Outlaw Noble Salt stuck with me for days as my mind continued to replay scenes, my heart continued to bask in the feelings it imparted, and my soul pondered the lessons learned. Her author’s note, with the backstory to the characters and how she related to Butch, was the crowning touch to this great story. Her goal was to give Butch Cassidy his second chance, his love story, and that we would “like” his alternate ending. To that end The Outlaw Noble Salt is a resounding success and an easy five star rating for me!