Miss Independent, Miss Self-Sufficient, Miss Keep Your Distance
Technically Yours Book Cover Technically Yours
Denise Williams
December 5, 2023
Paperback, Ebook, Audiobook

Eight years ago, he fell in love with a stranger he couldn’t have—today, she’s back in his life and the sparks between them threaten to set her career on fire.

Pearl Harris has learned the hard way to be careful in work and in love. She has the chance to make lasting change at OurCode—a nonprofit aimed at inspiring high schoolers to code—but a recent scandal puts its reputation at risk. Further complicating things, Pearl didn't expect the one man she never stopped thinking about to join as the newest member of her board of directors.

Cord Matthews fell for Pearl when they met in an elevator eight years ago. She’s just his type: smart, capable, and makes him laugh, but when she broke his heart, he decided love wasn't for him. When they reconnect after years with no contact, Cord is tempted to consider breaking his ban on serious relationships. But going public with a romance between them might derail Pearl’s career and the progress she’s made at OurCode.

While Pearl and Cord are both hesitant to trust their feelings and take a risk, it soon becomes impossible to keep ignoring the electricity between them. Cord is a skilled programmer, but a workplace romance might spell disaster for both of them--and love isn’t easily debugged.

“Technically Yours” is a cute take on a second chance/work place romance. I was sold on the blurb of this book because I love a strong, determined woman working in STEM. I love when women embrace their intelligence and independence. The world still needs more representation of women who aren’t relying on someone else to take care of them, but to lean into their strengths and walk through life with confidence.

Character Development

Pearl is committed to learning from her previous mistakes and trying to be true to herself. She lives by this mantra of putting her head before her heart. Throughout the entire novel, Pearl is falling head over heels for Cord, but refuses to give into those feelings because she’s been burned before.

I can empathize, Pearl.

Cord’s face filled my mind. His sable-brown eyes and long lashes – lashes many people would kill for – and his hair that was always a little too long, falling over his face and tempting me to brush it back, the wayward strands begging for my fingers. He could have been the right man for me in a different universe.

For some reason though, I think Pearl takes it a step too far and it’s to her detriment. Unfortunately she’s so focused on avoiding getting hurt that she avoids feelings in general.

Cord is a heartthrob of a love interest, and we love a nerd who is in touch with his feelings. Cord has been in love with Pearl for years and his unwavering dedication to her is mostly romantic. It’s also slightly sad, because he’s been put off by the person who has his heart for so long, it’s hard not to feel for him. That being said, Cord had a hard lesson to learn throughout this novel that he needed to listen to what Pearl was saying and not just make assumptions.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

The Representation

Women belong in the room where it happens.

Pearl being promoted to interim Director of OurCode happens at the beginning of the novel, and thankfully readers don’t have to wait for the entirety of the story to get the will-she-or-won’t-she promotion conversation. It more or less happens straight out of the gate, and throughout the remainder of the pages we watch how Pearl manages difficulty in a leadership position.

Additionally, the non-binary rep is really cool. There are two secondary characters who use the pronouns they/them, and Williams writes their characters and dialogue so seamlessly that it feels effortless.

The Romance

I loved the idea of Cord and Pearl as a couple. They’re both dynamic individuals and bring something different to the table, so together they could be a powerhouse duo. It’s crystal clear that these two not only have physical chemistry, but a strong, enduring emotional connection as well.

Ultimately, I felt like the development as a whole was okay, but I felt a little bit deflated while reading through the third act breakup and the relationship rescue mission at the end of the novel. With the large miscommunication at the end of the story, I would have expected a bit more of an apology or a grand gesture to express feelings of love. The level of passion at the end left something to be desired for this romantic heart, but maybe that was the point. The characters stayed true to themselves through and through, and maintained their personality to the end.

Final Thoughts

“Technically Yours” would be a wonderful romance to read for someone looking to connect with a fierce, independent badass woman who deserves to find love and happiness in a relationship and outside of one. The spirit of the underlying message of following your dreams resonates deeply, but so does the idea that you can work toward your goals and also find love and passion in a relationship. The split POV and the chapters of flashbacks are really well done and help the story build naturally while also giving a lot of context to character behavior. I also think this would be a great story to read if you like secondary characters and relationships apart from the main romance.

Final Final Thought – Tye’s speech in the epilogue might be the best dialogue in the entire book. They are definitely a show-stealer and I would love to see a book from their perspective up next!