An Utterly Charming Enemies to Lovers, & a Surprise Pregnancy That Will Win You Over
Last on the List Book Cover Last on the List
Bartholomew Series (Book 4)
Laney Hatcher
Historical Romance, Victorian Romance, Enemies to Lovers Romance
Independently Published
December 14, 2023
ebook, paperback

Silas Bartholomew is falling behind.

After watching my three younger sisters fall in love over the years, I’ve realized I might not want to be the lone, unattached Bartholomew sibling any longer. It’s time I grew up and assumed my role as my father’s heir. But in order to do that, I’ll need responsibilities, a household, … and a wife.

I was not anticipating a secret arrangement with my sister’s best friend who barely tolerates me.

Mary Lovelace wants nothing more than a family.

Falling into bed with Silas Bartholomew was not part of my plan. This unexpected and, frankly, unwelcome attraction I feel for the infuriating gentleman leads to shadowed secrets and sudden complications.

Silas and I find ourselves feeling far more than we ever anticipated. When our arrangement abruptly ends, I’m left with a future that is growing increasingly tricky, right alongside my waistline.

Finally, the possibility of a family of my own is back on the table, but the father of my child is the very last man I ever intended to share a future with. But some connections are too powerful to ignore.

Can I find the courage to face the love right in front of me or will the family I’ve always dreamed of be just out of reach?

Book #4 in the Bartholomew series follows the surprising and steamy romance between two people who are supposed to hate each other. Last on the List is a full-length historical romance filled with charm and wit, an accidental pregnancy, and a guaranteed happily ever after. While this novel does stand alone, it is probably best enjoyed after reading Book #3 in the series, Third Degree Yearn.

As a woman who often did things the hard way, I’d decided to harness my destiny all on my own.

Laney Hatcher is one of the very few historical romance authors that inject a freshness into their storyline, plot, and characters in such a way that makes their books full of effervescence with an abundance of quippy fun. Not to mention, Laney Hatcher always delivers spice with her romance and in a way that makes sense with her characters and the setting in which it occurs. Last on the List is the fourth and final book in the Bartholomew series.  This story ties such a pretty bow on a phenomenal series surrounding the Bartholomew siblings with Last on the List giving eldest sibling, Silas, his Happy Ever After with Mary Lovelace, Patricia’s best friend and determined spinster.

If you’re like me, then you also grew up in the era of Romantic Comedy. The time where Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts reigned supreme on the silver screen and in our hearts. I’d like to fill you in on a little secret that only devoted fans of Laney Hatcher are privy to: Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney are the inspiration for our beloved main characters, Mary and Silas. Being in on this little fact not only won me over with Hatcher’s many odes to some iconic scenes of Roberts but also with Mulroney as well.

“What makes me last?” I demanded between her peals of amusement. “I’ll have you know that if you were ever fortunate enough to enter into an arrangement with me—stop laughing, dammit—you would not be disappointed.”

Our lovely Mary has put her mind to finally getting herself the family of her dreams. She’s both accepted that she’s unwanted due to the influx of the fresh-faced young ladies of the ton and the fact that her family remains wholly unsupportive of her. Mary’s determination leads her to making a list of eligible men who would be willing to help her starting her own family without the messy strings of a relationship—established bachelor’s only please. After an unfortunate carriage ride that leads Silas Bartholomew as her only option for rescue, Silas discovers Mary’s list only to find (to his horror) that he’s last on Mary’s list of potential bachelors.

Due to their fierce and undeniable chemistry, Silas and Mary find one too many reasons to have tryst after tryst, if everything remains a secret, and feelings remain out of the bedchamber. These lovable idiots are so deliciously well-matched that of course their hearts inevitably come into play. Last on the List is everything that you would want in a Best Friend’s Brother romance and it’s one of the few Surprise Pregnancy tropes that handles all emotions well.

I’d never owned any part of his heart. But I’d realized too late he held all the pieces of mine.

Laney Hatcher is one of my favorite authors, and I can safely assure you that every book she’s written is as lovely as her characters and their HEAs. Last on the List is full of romance, feelings that will have you giggling and swooning with each turn of the page, and a Happily Ever After that is as comforting as an embrace. Fans of the series will also enjoy a bonus second epilogue that gives hints and updates to the entire Bartholomew family. If you’re a fan of Historical Romance, you cannot miss with Laney Hatcher. I guarantee you’ll love her.