Jonesin' for the Audiobook
Friends Don't Fall in Love Book Cover Friends Don't Fall in Love
Erin Hahn
October 17, 2023
Paperback, Ebook, Audiobook

Erin Hahn’s Friends Don’t Fall in Love is about long-time friends, taking chances, and finding out that, sometimes, your perfect person was right there in your corner all along.

Lorelai Jones had it all: a thriving country music career and a superstar fiancé. Then she played one teenie tiny protest song at a concert and ruined her entire future, including her impending celebrity marriage. But five years later, she refuses to be done with her dreams and calls up the one person who stuck by her, her dear friend and her former fiancé’s co-writer and bandmate, Craig.

Craig Boseman’s held a torch for Lorelai for years, but even he knows the backup bass player never gets the girl. Things are different now, though. Craig owns his own indie record label and his songwriting career is taking off. If he can confront his past and embrace his gifts, he might just be able to help Lorelai earn the comeback she deserves―and maybe win her heart in the process.

But when the two reunite to rebuild her career and finally scratch that itch that’s been building between them for years, Lorelai realizes a lot about what friends don’t do. For one, friends don’t have scratch-that-itch sex. They also don’t almost-kiss on street corners, publish secret erotic poetry about each other, have counter-top sex, write songs for each other, have no-strings motorcycle sex, or go on dates. And they sure as heck don't fall in love... right?

Sing Erin Hahn’s Praises

Erin Hahn is one of the most talented authors I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. If given the opportunity, I could gush about her writing all day long and barely pause to breathe. I’ve even shared my love for her in a previous review for “Built to Last” , Hahn’s previously published novel and her adult romance debut. I knew after reading “Built to Last” that Hahn was meant for adult romance, and “Friends Don’t Fall in Love” exceeds all expectations. Hands down, this is her best novel to date.

I firmly believe that any author who writes, completes, edits, and publishes a book, whether traditionally or self-published, is a superstar in their own right. That being said, Erin Hahn should land squarely at the top of the list due to her taking it to the next level. Not only does she write beautifully written romance, but a number of her characters pursue music so she writes song lyrics into her stories. Creativity abounds and it appears almost effortless.

What’s more, every chapter has a song attached to it. Check out the graphic from Erin’s Instagram for the full list of songs and artists. This playlist slaps.

Friends to Lovers has never hit so hard

Lorelai Jones is on the back end of a country music mutiny. Prior to the start of the novel, she used her platform to speak up about gun violence and senseless shootings in America. While imaging the worst happening to her students from her previous career, the country music starlet stood up for what she believed in and subsequently lost everything – her record deal, her career, and her fiancé Drake, who announced the cancellation of their wedding by posted video of him deleting the event in his calendar. Talk about trash.

The only thing that Lorelai didn’t seem to lose was Craig “Huck” Boseman. He’s always been in Lorelai’s corner, and nothing would change that, let alone one tiny little protest song.

Photo by Sergei Sushchik on Unsplash

Cue the swooning. Craig Boseman is H-O-T-T.

I’m not talking about looks, though those descriptions are solid. Huck is dependable, loyal, and a solid friend. He doesn’t need the spotlight or the attention to find satisfaction or contentment. He’s the guy you want in your corner. The guy easily moved to the friend zone, which would be a mistake.

He writes erotic poetry on an anonymous Instagram account – with Lorelai as his muse. SWOON.

The two friends continue to stay in touch after Lorelai’s career falls apart, and when she’s ready to return to the country music stage, Huck is there to produce her new album. These two are perfect for each other, so naturally these two spend WAY TOO LONG dancing around their feelings for each other. Even when they take their friendship to Friends with Benefits, they still can’t bring themselves to talk about feelings. It’s frustrating in the best way. As a reader I couldn’t help but root for them, both individually, and as a pair.

Audiobook Review

Kale Williams’ voice slides through my headphones like a beautiful glass of bourbon. It’s warm, decadent, intoxicating and a little sinful. Lisa Zimmerman brings Lorelai to life with her beautifully husky alto tones. Her voice relays the strength and integrity that a character with conviction should possess. Like Williams, Zimmerman’s voice evokes the feeling of warmth, but with layers of strength, power, and integrity that one would expect a character with conviction to possess. The two narrators’ voices together are a dangerously sensual combination that becomes a gift for your ears.

Last, but not least, the added bonus of the audio book is the recording of Erin Hahn’s original song “Jonesin'” which was recorded by Spotify Audio. I don’t usually advocate for reading in one format versus another, but in this case I’m going to need you all to get the audiobook. The song is worth every single penny, and every single moment spent listening.

Please trust me. Get the audio. You won’t regret it.