The Absolutely Most Charming and Fun Magical Romance
Every Wish Way Book Cover Every Wish Way
Shannon Bright
Romantic Comedy, Time Travel Romance
Alcove Press
September 19, 2023
ebook, paperback, audiobook

Perfect for fans of Erin Sterling and Ann Aguirre, for everyone who’s ever dreamed of finding Mr. Right, and settled for Mr. Right Now, this romantic comedy from debut author Shannon Bright is a sparkling cocktail of humor and heart.

Raised by a mother whose ironclad motto is “men are trash,” Iza longs to prove her wrong, ideally with a kind, steady boyfriend who will free her from the exhausting treadmill that is dating.  Although she’s willing to try (almost) anything to find love, accidentally summoning a wish-granting stranger out of thin air was never part of the plan.

Unfortunately, Beckett, her personal wish-granter, isn’t exactly the sage and generous being she would expect. Instead, he loves to party, has attitude to spare, and boasts an uncanny ability to point out Iza’s worst flaws. Iza decides to use one of her three wishes to create her dream man—a modern Mr. Darcy. If that esteemed gentleman can’t impress her overbearing mother, no one can. Using Pride and Prejudice as the handbook to Darcy’s heart, Iza plays the part of Elizabeth Bennet and sets out to create her epic love story.

Making wishes and winning Darcy over becomes more complicated than Iza expects, especially with Beckett’s adorably dimpled grin and unexpected kindness in the equation. Soon enough, she’s glimpsing the truth of the man behind the flippant persona, and each moment in his company makes her question everything she thought she wanted from love.

“It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in possession of profound independence and a successful occupation must not be in want of a husband. Except being lonely sucks.”

As I write this, I have currently one week left in the St. Louis area, and I cannot think of a better send off than reading Every Wish Way, a debut novel by Shannon Bright, and being able to tell you all how much I absolutely loved this magical romance.

I actually can’t remember the last time I read a book that was set in St. Louis, so reading Every Wish Way felt like mystical kismet. Iza (diminutive of Elizabeth) is an architect who has taken her career very seriously thanks to her drive to live up to her mother’s lofty expectations. While Iza does love her career, her dogged pursuit of a vibrant career has left her personal life a bit lackluster. You see, where Iza’s mother is all about being a self-sustaining woman who doesn’t need a man, Iza refuses to give up on dating. She wants the idyllic cottage, the garden, the kids with a partner. All of it.

“He’s a puzzle. I don’t like not knowing things, and that makes me want to pry at the gates to his soul until they fly open.”

So enters Beckett. He’s not quite a genie, but he does come into Iza’s life via a nail polish bottle (hence the reference in the gorgeous cover art). Beckett has been gifted with unlimited wishes for himself, but he also visits those who need him the most and must gift those people three wishes of their own. His back story is one of my favorites. Readers, trust me. Of course, there are stipulations. Iza is instantly turned off by his bro-dude attitude and a lot of the comedic value in Every Wish Way comes from Iza and Beckett’s interactions.

It makes sense that Iza’s first (and seemingly only) choice in a perfect man to fulfill her picturesque love life dreams would be the 21st century version of Mr. Darcy, right? Well, that’s where all the fun starts in Every Wish Way. Beckett and Iza’s interactions go from tenuous with the wishes to a partnership, and then to a friendship. That’s all the details I’m going to give you. I highly recommend you read Every Wish Way for yourself. Equal parts romance, comedy, time travel story, that perfectly blends a hearty love of Pride & Prejudice with a contemporary romance, Every Wish Way was fun, fresh, and Shannon Bright held my attention with her prose and storytelling until the very last page.

“There are a lot of different ways to torment someone. The way you torment me is my favorite.”

Every Wish Way is a slow burn romance that delivers in the heat, the yearning, and all the chemistry. Shannon Bright truly knows how to keep a girl on the edge of her seat. I adored getting to know Iza, finally seeing the truth to Beckett, and even getting to see how Mr. Darcy would fair in modern day society. Truly, there is so much to love with Every Wish Way. There’s a prank war with a co-worker, a trip to the Gateway Arch, and even a run-in with a lion thanks to Iza’s roommate.

When I tell you that Every Wish Way is a must-read, I’m not exaggerating. This book is unique and a completely enjoyable read from start to finish. Release day is September 19th and I highly recommend that you grab a copy for yourself! Congratulations to Shannon Bright on her fantastic new debut!