A Unique, Romantic Fantasy
In Flames Book Cover In Flames
The Kestral Chronicles (Book 1)
Nicole Northwood
Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Fantasy Romance
Midnight Tide Publishing
October 19, 2022
ebook, paperback

When Seraphina Fox, a medical student at Kestral Medical College for the Supernatural, accidentally uses her matchmaking abilities to pair with both of her incredibly alluring dormitory neighbors, Alexi Bonneau and Dario Accardi, she thinks that she's made a mistake that could cost her reputation.

However, in trying to decipher her attraction while denying her skills, Sera uncovers a secret through the ghost of a past student and fellow matchmaker: the ability to pair soulmates is rarer than she thought, and the college is working to study the blood that can predict the future of relationships. As Sera, Alexi, and Dario find themselves in the middle of a love affair, feigned death records, and an appalling research trial of what it means to have humanity, they must search out the truth before Sera loses everything... including maybe even her life.

Content warnings can be found on Nicole Northwood's website.

“I’m attuned to three things: blood, fire, and love.”

In Flames is the first in a new series from Nicole Northwood. Released last fall, In Flames delivers on all the best vibes for a late autumn and winter setting for this book. Set at magical Kestral Medical College, In Flamesfollows Seraphina Fox as she uncovers a mystery that has haunted the college for years.

Nicole Northwood has created a unique magic system. Seraphina is a matchmaker, a dying out magical calling that allows the wielder to find your perfect match—a soulmate. Not everyone believes that matchmakers are legitimate and therefore the more rich and powerful families have taken matchmaking into their own hands in order to keep the riches amongst themselves. After a lackluster late-night tryst with a casual friend with benefits, Seraphina discovers her actual soulmate lives right next door to her in the dormitory.

Why would you settle for ‘happy enough’ when you could have perfection?

Alexi is a hockey player and medical student as well at Kestral Medical College, and his swagger is truly next level. After some truly epic repartee, Seraphina quickly discovers that Alexi is not only just a radiology student, but is also a type of Healer that allows him to see within the human body like an x-ray machine. The very next day, Seraphina also finds out that not only does she have one soulmate, but she also has another. Dario is Alexi’s teammate and is also his soulmate as well. You read that right! It’s an MMF romance at Kestral Medical College.

This trio not only must work on trusting each other, building on what can only be described as a combustible sexual relationship into something a bit more substantial, but they also need to uncover exactly why the ghost of a matchmaker has been talking to Seraphina. Who is she? How did she die? Why is she still around? One clue leads to another, which ultimately leads Dario, Alexi, and Seraphina to uncover a plot within the walls of Kestral that will change just about everything they believe.

“It’s so peculiar—emotions, soulmates, developing relationships—putting them all together makes me wonder how much we truly get to know the people we encounter on a regular basis.”

The premise for In Flames is unique. Equal parts romantic fantasy, paranormal mystery, and set within a chilly gothic college, In Flames passes the vibe check. If you like your fantasy books with more spice, plenty of action, and a truly wonderful HEA then this is definitely the book for you. There were plenty of twists and turns within In Flames that means what is to come will truly be unparalleled and equally as distinctive. If you’re over the summer heat and yearn for chilly nights, spooky vibes, and a magical world pick up your own copy of In Flames!