An Absolutely Swoony Friends to Lovers Romantic Comedy!
Kilt to Order Book Cover Kilt to Order
Kilt Trip
Susannah Nix
Romantic Comedy, Sports Romance, Contemporary Romance
Haver Street Press
July 25, 2023
ebook, paperback

A nerdy wallflower recruits her athlete roommate to give her love lessons

As a Highland Games athlete and firefighter, I’m used to women trying to get under my kilt. But I never expected to be propositioned by my bookworm roommate.

Casey’s one of my best friends and my buddy’s younger sister. What am I supposed to do when she confesses that she’s on a mission to lose her virginity—and I’m the guy she trusts to do the deed?

If I say no, she’ll only turn to another dude instead. Someone’s got to keep her out of trouble, so I agree to give her some hands-on experience. A little friends-with-benefits action shouldn’t be a problem. I can teach Casey how to bring a man to his knees and still keep things platonic.

Uh, yeah. Small problem. The more boxes we check off on Casey’s lesson plan, the more I realize I’ve taught her too well.

Because the man she’s bringing to his knees is me.

KILT TO ORDER is a sizzling small town brother's best friend romcom that features a found family of muscly men in kilts, a spunky booknerd virgin, a protective playboy roommate who agrees to be her love coach, and a guaranteed HEA for these two adorable friends to lovers.

“I’m romantically invisible. A sexual null space, that’s me. I’m everyone’s pal Casey. Ozzy’s younger sister Casey. Mayor Goodrich’s Goody-Two-Shoes daughter Casey. Quiet, helpful, straight-A student Casey. Everybody loves me, but no one’s ever fallen in love with me.”

Kilt to Order starts off a brand-new series set in small town, Crowder, Texas and features a group of friends who have a love of competing in their local Highland Games. Kilt to Order is the brother’s best friend, friends to lovers romance between Casey and Gareth. Trust me when I tell you that I was laughing out loud in the first chapter and was glued to my e-reader until the very last page. I fell so hard for this couple that it was extremely difficult to say goodbye to them in the end.

Casey has a bit of an issue. Not only is she stuck in a job that just isn’t right for her, Casey has the absolute worst luck with men and going on dates. You see, she has a problem. Anytime her nerves get the better of her, she sneezes. While unfortunate for her, it does make for some truly comedic moments. All of this is why she decides that she needs some lessons in love. If she can get over her nerves, perhaps dating won’t feel so daunting. Enter Gareth.

“It’s like standing in a ray of sunshine. I have to remind myself that this is just the Gareth Effect. It’s the same radiance he projects at every woman he smiles at. I’m supposed to be immune to it.”

Gareth is a top tier book boyfriend. He’s works at the firehouse. He’s built like a brickhouse and has such a soft spot for Casey that anyone besides himself can see that those soft feelings are actually the start of a blossoming love. When Casey asks Gareth to give her bedroom lessons, the fact that he initially says no and then is torn because he’s so conflicted was the most delicious and romantic! We all know why he was so hesitant! Naturally, he finally gives in. Casey and Gareth mutually decide that these lessons would be platonic, totally for fun, and definitely need to stop when big feelings (inevitably) start to develop.

And that, my friends, is where their romance begins with earnest. Have I sold you on the swoon? Trust me, it’s fantastic. Not only did I love the romance, but I also adored the comedic elements with Casey’s mishaps, and her brother Ozzy’s completely unhinged personality. The sports element of the Highland Games was so unique, and the setting of small-town Crowder made me immediately want to go spend a weekend there. I truly hope we get to see more of Ozzy and Darius because their scenes were some of my favorite. I had the pleasure of simultaneously reading Kilt to Order with Val and we both agree that Gareth, Ozzy, and Darius helped to make this novel one of a kind.

“We may not be a couple, but she’s still my favorite person in the whole damn world. I can’t pretend otherwise anymore.”

Susannah Nix writes romances that are effervescent and truly unputdownable. My introduction to her writing was through a holiday romance novella and her Smartypants Romance novels. I can say without hesitation that I think she truly shines in romantic comedies. Kilt to Order was the perfect blend of comedy and swoon, and I loved the serious moments near the end that made Gareth and Casey’s HEA so perfect.  Kilt to Order will be released next week, and I guarantee you will want to get your copy!