A Spicy and Fun Romp in a Small Town
Brewbies Book Cover Brewbies
Townsend Harbor (Book 2)
Kerrigan Byrne & Cynthia St. Aubin
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Oliver Heber Books
June 20, 2023
ebook, paperback

From USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling authors Kerrigan Byrne and Cynthia St. Aubin, is the next opposites attract rom-com including plenty of shenanigans from the hilarious Townsend Harbor cast!

Darby Dunwell is not—as her name might suggest—a Bond Girl, though she's been blessed with the body of one. An east coast, ivy-league, trust fund kid, she flees a life of expectation, elocution, and executive board rooms to follow her one true love: Coffee. Isn't the Washington Coast the Mecca for all things brew related? The deeply eccentric seaside tourist hamlet of Townsend Harbor throws its doors wide open for her sex-positive, bikini-themed coffee shop named, Brewbies. Her grand opening is an unmitigated success, until the county sheriff saunters in to shut her down.

Compulsive rule-follower Sheriff Ethan Townsend is known for helping old ladies across the road, breaking up bar fights, and keeping the sleepy town safe from the flood of seasonal tourists. One-night stands, not so much. After having his heart publicly stomped on, he no longer bothers to ask the name of the woman he's going to forget in the morning. A policy he regrets when the woman who blew his mind turns out to be his nemesis. Not only is Darby's salacious coffee shop causing traffic incidents on the Coastal Highway, its proprietress keeps making his life-among other things-as hard as possible.

Darby finds herself embroiled in a feud she never wanted with the cop who is as tight assed as his trousers suggest. But even as their animosity sizzles and the town begins to take sides, Ethan can't seem to keep his eyes off Darby's double D's.

“With my Double D Dirty Screw, I can fight the entire patriarchy, turn seventy years of their bullshit into compost, and grow you a goddamn garden of divine feminine rage watered by king baby tears.”

Brewbies is the second standalone in the Townsend Harbor series from duo Kerrigan Byrne and Cynthia St. Aubin. Following the first book, Brewbies is the opposites attract romance between seemingly straight-laced sheriff Ethan Townsend and daringly brazen newcomer Darby Dunwell.

Starting off with a literal bang (if you know, you know) Brewbies does not skimp on the spice for one single moment. This is the sex positive, fun, and inclusive summer read you will absolutely want for pool side or at the beach. Getting to know Ethan Townsend in a completely new light than the one he was depicted in the first book, Nevermore Bookstore, was a delight to discover. I love characters with depth and nuance and Ethan has them in spades. With his prolific family history in the small town comes some intense family drama that plays out on the page and is a slight carry over from the previous book, but the authors do a wonderful job of keeping everything tidy with refreshers and subtle references.

“I envy people who see the world as binary sometimes. Must be nice, being so certain of what’s right and wrong.”

Darby Dunwell is a breath of fresh air. She’s a cancer survivor, a small business owner, a sex-positive feminist, and an ally to all. Basically, I want to be just as cool as she is when I grow up. After a sex-crazed meet cute in a Canadian town just over the border, Darby chooses Townsend Harbor as the newest spot for her mobile breast-positive coffee shop, Brewbies. I loved the concept and the fact that a portion of her proceeds goes to breast cancer research. There are, of course, the puritanical whackadoos that think her coffee shop is akin to the devil’s playground so tensions run high in Townsend Harbor when Ethan Townsend is sent to give Darby a signed petition to get her to close up shop.

It’s at this point where all the hijinks start to get hinky. The chemistry and sexual tension between Ethan and Darby are palpable. I loved each of their interactions because it was like a romance in reverse. Readers get the bang first and the romance follows. I’ll be honest: I love that so much. The fact that Darby gets unwavering support from Cady and her Bare Naked Book Club makes for so much fun in the storyline. There are so many unique individuals in Townsend Harbor that it makes for a truly unforgettable read. I also enjoyed the fact that Darby doesn’t take her notice to close her shop without a fight.

“I’m not interested in having to wear my status as a breast cancer survivor like some kind of shield against social judgment. Women shouldn’t have to almost die to live life on their terms.”

There is inclusivity, feminism, sex-positivity, and the healing of generational trauma all within such a fun romance plotline. Brewbies is definitely my new favorite from Kerrigan Byrne and Cynthia St. Aubin. I just adore this small town. I highly recommend that you pick up Brewbies as well as the first installment of the Townsend Harbor series. While each book is a standalone, why wouldn’t you want to experience more of this delightful series? Due out on June 20th, bee sure to have Brewbies preordered! You won’t want to miss out!