Grim & Bear It Book Cover Grim & Bear It
Stay A Spell
Juliette Cross
Paranormal Romance
Juliette Cross Publishing
May 9th, 2023
Ebook, Paperback

Clara Savoie is so confused. She is absolutely positive that Henry Blackwater is practically in love with her. But for some strange reason, he won't even ask her on a single date. Time to take matters into her own hands.

When Clara shows up on his doorstep with an unusual invitation, tempting cupcakes, and naughty innuendo, Henry has no choice but to say yes. Now he's the newest member of the High Tea Romance Book Club. While Clara learns the haunting secrets of her broody grim, Henry shows her what commitment from a necromancer truly means.

But when his father is arrested for murder, Henry is dragged back into the nightmare he's been avoiding all his life. When he steps back into his father's world, he isn't just endangering himself but also the bright, beautiful woman he can no longer live without. But he just might have to.


The Series

Juliette Cross writes with magic in her fingertips.

The Stay A Spell Series has been a LitBuzz favorite for many in the Hive. Jes has been my Juliette Cross enabler since the moment I joined the LB, sending me Wolf Gone Wild and squeeing with joy and begging me to read it and love it. She wasn’t wrong – I read the first page of “Wolf Gone WIld” and I haven’t looked back since.

Each book in the series builds on top of the last, and it’s been thoroughly discussed between us bees that we don’t know how she does it, but Juliette somehow manages to make each of her men more sexy and dreamy than the last. These male main characters just get better and better.

It’s finally here – publication day for “Grim & Bear It”. If you’ve read the series, then I’m sure you’re in agreement that this is a bittersweet day. Grim & Bear It, the 6th and last planned book of the series (because never say never, right Juliette?) follows the dark and broody Henry Blackwater and the effervescent witch Clara Savoie.

Grim & Bear It

Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

While all of the Stay A Spell books have similar themes and vibes, Grim & Bear It just hits different. Henry and Clara’s romance packs a punch with it’s ‘love conquers all’ themes. It’s hard to be skeptical when Clara is pushing her positive vibes into you page after page. Henry was goner from the get go, and so were the LitBuzz bees.

For me, the intrigue of Henry and Clara started in “Always Practice Safe Hex”, book 4 in the series that follows Lavinia Savoie and Gareth Blackwater, Henry’s cousin. While Gareth and Henry are having drinks at the Savoie’s restaurant, Clara introduces herself to Henry. The limited conversation is awkward to say the least, but Clara likes Henry and is persistent and undeterred about their imminent relationship. So much so that she tries to convince him to quit smoking, as she’s certain they’re going to be together and she doesn’t like the taste of cigarettes.

“That’s true. And since I plan to eventually kiss Henry Blackwater, quite often, I want to be sure the experience will give us both pleasure.”

Clara, “Always Practice Safe Hex”

Clara is everything that is good in the world, and she breathed life into Henry, even when she didn’t know she was doing it. Clara is unwavering in her beliefs and never doubted for a moment that she and Henry were meant to be together. The Goddess leads the way and Clara trusts in Her and her magic. Confidence is sexy, and Clara has it in spades.

“I wonder what it would be like to live in the sunshine of Clara’s world.

Henry, “Grim & Bear It”

Henry, on the other hand, needs some not-so-gentle pushes in the right direction. Luckily, Gareth and Devraj are always good for that. Henry’s self-loathing and doubt, paired with his broken magic, enhance his dark and brooding demeanor. Fortunately, Clara’s light and warmth are the best tools in her arsenal to help heal Henry’s darkness.

“Hell, she was an angel born solely to torment me. And I was the demon who craved nothing more than to mark her with sin.”

I asked Jes how she felt about Henry and Clara, and her response was, ‘if I had a Henry around I would definitely go full Clara and tease the ever-loving Grim out of him,”. Me personally, I’d really like to elbow Henry in the stomach and tell him to get over himself. Great love is waiting for him if he could only get out of his own way.

Final Thoughts

Henry and Clara are the perfect pair to wrap up this beautifully magical series. The ending of “Grim & Bear It” is unexpected, and I’m not going to give ANY spoilers, but I wish you all could have been present when I *gasped* in shock at a certain part of Act Three. Maybe I should have expected it, knowing the beginning of the story, Clara’s gifts, and Henry’s magic, but I was completely taken by surprise. Only my trust in Juliette and the hope that our journey together wouldn’t end *that* way kept me from openly weeping. Thankfully, I didn’t have to riot or slide into her DMs enraged.

Ultimately, though, the best gift Juliette gives readers is the peace of mind of knowing that all of our favorite couples get their happy ending. The conclusion of the epilogue shows the future of all of the Savoie sisters and the men that we’ve come to know and love, and even a few new faces! I’m sad that my ‘friends’ will be gone, but I know they’re never far away from me. All I’ve got to do is plan a re-read to experience the Savoie Sister magic once more.