An Emotion-filled Fake Dating Romance!
Better Date Than Never Book Cover Better Date Than Never
Unlucky in Love (Book 2)
Piper Sheldon
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Querque Press (Independently Published)
March 30, 2023
ebook, paperback

One moment of weakness and now I’m stuck fake dating the man I never thought I’d talk to again.
If it was up to me, I wouldn’t even look at Wesley Cole, let alone pretend to kiss him.

I’m smart enough to know the man in front of me now isn’t the boy from childhood who stole my heart. Too bad my body and brain can’t get on the same page. A few more months of playing nice and then he can go back to his family dynasty, and I’ll once again be the golden girl the media expects me to be.

If this is all for show, why is he so convincing when he looks at me like a man in love?

Better Date Than Never, is a full-length romantic comedy, can be read as a standalone, and is the second book in the Unlucky in Love Series.

“I could do this. I could fix this and repent for the years I’ve pushed Emma away. Now how the hell am I supposed to convince the woman I made hate me to pretend to love me?” —Better Date Than Never

Romance Readers: I’ve got the cure to your fanfiction woes. Better Date Than Never by Piper Sheldon soothed my Dramione-shipping heart and gave me a mashup that is all the best things of Dramione and the real-life best friends who love each other story of Emma Watson and Tom Felton. Emma Flynn and Wesley Cole are ready to steal your heart. I hope you’re all prepared.

While easily read as a standalone, Better Date Than Never picks up right where Stranger Than Fiction leaves off. If you haven’t read the first installment, don’t fret: You’ll have missed nothing but a sweet HEA for a couple that is mentioned in Emma and Wesley’s romance. Having been childhood stars of a hit TV series based on a hugely successful fantasy novel series, Wesley and Emma were rivals on screen, but kindred spirits off screen. Their relationship stayed platonic until they were 18 and wrapping up the show…after that? Well, let’s just say that a glacier might be less icy than the decade of miscommunication between Emma and Wesley.

“Having him so close to me again threw off all my pretenses of not being attracted to him anymore.” —Better Date Than Never

Fresh from filming the 10 Year Anniversary Special, Emma is caught confronting Wesley (who is on the precipice of divorce) and the gossip blogs are atwitter with what if’s and what could be. To get ahead of the nonsense in the lead up to what could only be a tremendous award season for Wesley Cole and his powerhouse of a family, Wesley’s parents demand that Emma and Wesley fake date until the biggest award show of the season—the Oscars. What neither Wesley nor Emma consider is that both still think the world of the other. Fake dating is only fake when you’re both not into each other, right?

Better Date Than Never is one hundred percent a swoon-filled romance. Wesley’s less than ideal childhood and current situation with his family leaves him primed for the fierce and loving nature of Emma. It’s this deeper look into traumatic childhoods and how fame can affect family dynamics that truly won me over, and quite a few tears were shed. (Wesley, I see you.) The shiniest of Hollywood Royalty can easily hide tarnished crowns and rot within their legacies.

“If all good things came to an end, what did it mean for things that felt like a dream come true?” —Better Date Than Never

Between Emma’s struggle with her own Hollywood Identity, to Wesley’s shedding of his fake persona, Better Date Than Never is the empowerment filled, endearing romance that you will absolutely love. My measly words cannot do this phenomenal book justice, so do yourself a favor and go get your own copy. Better Date Than Never releases today! Happy Release Day, Piper!