Second Chance Dance—A Must Read Romance
Second Chance Dance Book Cover Second Chance Dance
Bartholomew Series (Book 2)
Laney Hatcher
Regency Romance, Historical Romance
Independently Published
December 13, 2022
ebook, paperback

I never wanted to be the catch of the season. Not anymore. But when you’re a wealthy widow who presents a challenge for all the fortune hunters in London, it’s difficult to stay out of the spotlight.

Miles Griffin has returned to London. Before he can find his footing in Mayfair, he’s made an unexpected enemy of me. But something happens when we battle across the ballroom. Our passions flare, and I burn like I never have before.

I’m determined to avoid marriage, but perhaps an arrangement with the handsome earl is not out of the question.

Just when the future seems brightest, secrets and surprises threaten everything we’ve built. Miles must make a choice between the man he was and the man he wants to be. And I need to decide if I’m willing to risk more than just my heart for a second chance at happiness.

Book #2 in the Bartholomew series follows the enemies-to-lovers romance between two lonely hearts desperate for a change. Second Chance Dance is a full length historical romance filled with charm and wit, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

“Something was happening between us now. This dance—this moment—felt heavy with intent. More than the quick quips and banter from the balcony. This was something else entirely.”

Second Chance Dance by Laney Hatcher is her fourth book she’s released this year. It can safely be said that not only has Laney Hatcher proven herself as a breakout author— she’s got the chops to back it up too.

I’m here to tell you that if you love Historical Romance, specifically Regency Romance, then Laney Hatcher should be at the tippy top of authors you need to read. After swooning for her debut release earlier this spring, Second Chance Dance has cemented Laney Hatcher as one of my absolute favorite Historical Romance authors. Between her storytelling that gives a historical setting a modern freshness, and prose that can sweep me from giggles to swoons by the turn of a page, Laney Hatcher is something special.

“My goal was to appear a goddess on a pedestal too high to interact with mere mortal men. And these fortune hunters—these London dandies—believed it.”

Second Chance Dance is her latest standalone, and follows Patricia, Duchess of Cawthorn, and Miles, Earl of Basilton, as they navigate a season full of schemes, bets, and feelings. Readers will be familiar with Patricia from First to Fall as she is Emery’s older sister. After a surprising meet cute goes awry, Patricia is determined to believe that Miles is as much of a fortune-seeking fool as any of the other bachelors that make up “The Gaggle.”

Freshly returned from the Continent, Miles is bewitched by the foul-mouth Patricia poses, but his acquaintances believe Miles is after Patricia’s fortune just like the rest of them. Luckily for Miles, he has a few friends on the inside. When Miles and Patty finally come to an arrangement, their feelings begin to grow in ways that were never previously discussed. Second Chance Dance is a grumpy sunshine, second chance romance that has as much delicious romance, as it does level-headed conversation about any of the drama that takes place within the pages. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million more times: having mature talks regarding drama in a book should be the standard. If readers are expected to believe that the characters are adults, then they should address their problems as adults. Which is exactly why I love Laney Hatcher.

“My thoughts had been fairly consumed by a foulmouthed duchess and what I could do to earn a second chance with her.”

There is so much to love about Second Chance Dance, and there is so much jam-packed into this delightful standalone that I guarantee that you’ll love it as much as I do. Out today, Second Chance Dance is the historical romance that I bet would convert even the most skeptical reader. Happy Release Day, Laney!