Easily One of My Favorite Reads of 2022!
Better Than Fiction Book Cover Better Than Fiction
Alexa Martin
Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance
November 8, 2022
ebook, paperback, audiobook

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Love isn’t always by the book in this charming romantic comedy about a bookseller discovering how to be the main character in her story.

As a self-proclaimed book hater and a firm believer that the movie is always better, Drew Young didn’t anticipate inheriting her grandma’s bookstore, the Book Nook. She’s in way over her head even before the shop’s resident book club, comprising seven of the naughtiest old ladies ever, begin to do what they do best—meddle.

Bestselling author Jasper Williams is a hopeless romantic. When he meets Drew at his Book Nook signing event, he becomes determined to show her the beauty of reading. He curates a book bucket list in exchange for her help exploring the local Denver scene for his current manuscript. From going river rafting to trying local restaurants, Drew begins to connect with Jasper in a way she only thought happened in fiction.

When messy family ties jeopardize the future of the Book Nook, Drew is caught between a bookshelf and a hard place. She’s reminded that real life isn’t always big dreams and sweeping romance. But Jasper is the plot twist she never saw coming and he’s writing a happily ever after just for them.

Sports are not my thing. Where my talent lies is in taking normal situations and making them as awkward as possible. If awkwardness was a sport, I’d be a goddamn Olympian. It truly is a gift.

Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin is easily a highlight of 2022 for me. A contemporary romance set in Colorado, Better Than Fiction is a story about coming to terms with grief, falling in love with someone who embraces every part of you, and learning how to let people in even if we’ve learned that it’s easier to shut them out.

Drew Young is a dynamic young woman. She’s someone that I relate to almost too well. Fiercely independent, smart, passionate, and had a close relationship with her grandmother. We meet Drew a year after her grandmother’s death. Drew has taken ownership of her grandmother’s bookstore, been befriended by her grandmother’s group of friends who have a book club nicknamed “The Dirty Birds” and has thwarted her father’s multiple attempts to sell the bookstore out from under her. I admire Drew’s tenacity. With some coaxing from her best friend Elsie, Drew has even managed to salvage a relationship with her half-sister, Daisy.

Because what did he do? Oh, that’s right. He walked into my bookstore to do a reading for an old-lady book club looking like a whole-ass glass of water—and there’s been a drought in Colorado practically my entire damn life. Damn thirst trap.

All of this to say, it’s only when author Jasper Williams walks into her store that her life truly begins to change in a way Drew hadn’t anticipated. I admired Drew prior to meeting Jasper. I adored Drew as her interactions with Jasper throughout the book made her transform into such a unique and dynamic character. Jasper as a character is the personification of male perfection written by a woman. If you can’t tell, Jasper Williams will not only challenge your favorite book boyfriend, but I have a feeling he will become your ultimate favorite. I swooned so much each time Jasper and Drew had an expedition together. Their interactions together stem from the fact that Drew is just simply not a reader. She prefers to experience the world around her. As a romance author, Jasper challenges Drew to give books a chance. Drew and Jasper work out a deal: she gives him a tour of Colorado, and in turn he introduces Drew to book worlds and experiences that would change her opinion on books.

“I do not appreciate you both being all supportive and caring.” I fan my face refusing to let a single tear fall because thugs don’t cry. “This is an attack.”

I couldn’t put Better Than Fiction down. This romance is perfectly bingeable, full of silly moments, tons of heat and passion, and speaks to themes of friendships, found families, and losing a loved one in the most earnest of ways. I loved every single moment. Better Than Fiction is easily one of the best romance books of 2022. While this was my very first introduction to Alexa Martin, it certainly won’t be the last. Better Than Fiction is available everywhere books are sold today! Happy Release Day, Alexa Martin!