An Unputdownable Historical Romance Retelling
Well Acquainted Book Cover Well Acquainted
London Ladies Embroidery (Book 2)
Laney Hatcher
Historical Romance, Victorian Historical Romance
Smartypants Romance
October 27, 2022
ebook, paperback

There are three things you need to know about Lady Eliza Morgan:
1. In addition to being a busy physician, she’s an accomplished seamstress.
2. She’s the victim of a broken heart.
3. The man who shattered it is the one man she can never have.

Some things are better left in the past, but Eliza has spent years running from hers. When the man who upended her life re-enters it in the most unexpected way, Eliza must decide if reacquainting herself with Nicolas is worth the heartache. He’s charming and irritating and makes her realize there is so much more than the life she’s been living. But first she must confront her painful past if she and Nicolas have any hope for a future.

‘Well Acquainted’, a Penny Reid Universe Reimagining, is a full-length historical romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #2 in the London Ladies Embroidery series, Smartypants Romance Out of this World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

I wasn’t prepared for his very existence. That’s likely what he was struggling with now. The utter absurdity of a chance encounter with someone you never expected to see again.

Well Acquainted by Laney Hatcher is her third release for 2022 and her second book in the Smartypants Romance Universe of books. A historical retelling of Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid, Well Acquainted tells the story of Dr. Eliza and how she handles everything when fate brings Nicolas Morgan crashing back into her life.

If you loved Neanderthal Seeks Duchess, or any of the Knitting in the City books by Penny Reid, then Well Acquainted should be on your radar. Trust me when I tell you it needs to be a must-read for all you historical romance lovers as well. I love how Laney Hatcher brings the different nuances of each Penny Reid character to live in historical London. With Eliza choosing to be a doctor as her profession, putting her character in London during a time when ladies should be sipping tea, not suturing is a feat that Laney Hatcher pulls off beautifully.

On the other hand, Nicolas succeeded in always making me feel nine and enamored, eleven and besotted, sixteen and obsessed, or seventeen and devastated.

Our darling Nicolas also has a unique profession. As a stage actor, he has chosen to follow his dreams of following characters and stories that he finds intriguing. He’s also created a found family at the Theater, and that is precisely how he barges back into the life of Dr. Eliza Finley.

Is there anything better than a man who once he knows what he wants, will stop at nothing to get it? But even better still is a man who will allow the woman to get her head on straight first. Nico’s feelings for Eliza made me swoon. I also loved all the appearances of other characters from the previous book as well. If you loved Friends Without Benefits, then you will be instantly charmed by Well Acquainted.

“Eliza,” he whispered my name with that same quiet urgency. “You must know. You must see that we’ve been given a second chance. Finding each other once again.”

Even if Dr. Eliza is maybe a bit too pragmatic at times, she eventually gets around to listening to her very enthusiastic heart. Eliza and Nicolas’ HEA was everything I wanted, and I absolutely cannot wait for more in the London Ladies Embroidery series. Laney Hatcher has a beautifully crafty way of translating modern stories to historical romances, and it should not be missed out on. Well Acquainted releases today! Happy Release Day, Laney!