An Emotional and Bingeworthy Second Chance Romance!
Garnet Flats Book Cover Garnet Flats
The Edens (Book 3)
Devney Perry
Contemporary Romance
Devney Perry LLC
July 26, 2022
ebook, paperback, audiobook

From USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry comes a second chance, small town romance.

Talia Eden loved Foster Madden for one year, two months and eleven days. It was on day 438 that her love died. The day he chose to marry her best friend. The day she vowed never to think of Foster again.

Until years later when he has the audacity to show up in her small hometown of Quincy, begging for her help.

The ink on his divorce papers is barely dry, yet he comes armed with apologies and promises. She knows it’s all a ploy. Foster is the king of games and secrets. But he’s got delusions the size of Montana if he thinks she’ll help him train for a world championship fight.

Except Talia has forgotten exactly what made Foster famous. The man has dedicated his life to victory. He’s steadfast. He’s determined. And he won’t stop fighting until he’s won her heart.

“Her cheeks were the same pink shade as her lips. The woman who held my heart in her hands.”

Garnet Flats by Devney Perry is a second chance romance that delivers on both storytelling and emotion. Talia and Foster’s past in Las Vegas gets confronted in the chilly winter of Quincy, Montana, and as much as Talia wants to walk away from this fight, Foster knows that he can’t lose Talia ever again. Foster is the reformed bad boy fighter who once gave up the girl he loved because of the sport he chose, but he’s prepared for the biggest fight of his life—winning Talia back once and for all.

“God, that kiss. A woman could survive on a kiss like that each day. Just thinking about it made my heart flutter.”

I love the way Devney Perry unfurls Foster and Talia’s past. There are so many feelings left unspoken between these two characters, and the choices they’ve made prove to be big hurdles to overcome. Devney Perry always paints such a great picture for setting the scene with the descriptions of Quincy and how each member of the Eden family gets a bit of the spotlight so that by the end of the book you feel like you’re a part of the town too. Each scene with an Eden family member enriches the feeling of that cozy small-town feel, and I guarantee if this is your first Devney Perry book, Garnet Flats will not be your last. Talia’s sisters are featured more in this book, and there is one particular scene with Eloise that I absolutely lost it with what all unfolded!

When the drama unfolds, I never know how it will end. I didn’t foresee how the drama unfold and play out in Garnet Flats, but considering that I finished reading this book in less than 24 hours from when I started it, I can safely say that I loved how everything concluded. Talia’s chapters and her descriptions of the situations she deals with at the hospital were the ones that had my attention the most, and all of those chapters help to create depth and understanding for the person that Talia has grown to be. Sometimes it’s not the storm itself but how we weather it that makes the storm so important.

“Foster Madden had a presence as powerful as a thunderclap. I was the woman who’d always loved his wild storm.”

Garnet Flats felt unique to me as a contemporary romance reader. Talia and Foster’s second chance romance read a lot like a fated mates fantasy only set in the real world—with what can only be described as palpable magic in their combustible sexual chemistry. I believe that with each new release Devney Perry finds a way to bring her already stellar writing skills to new levels. While each book of The Eden series can be read as a standalone, why would you? There are such great teases and hints at what’s to come in each book. Garnet Flats releases next Tuesday! Bee sure to check it out!