A Brand New Standalone Romance Perfect for Theater Lovers
Bright Like Wildfire Book Cover Bright Like Wildfire
Beauville (Book 1)
Juliette Cross
Contemporary Romance
Independently Published
July 12, 2022
ebook, paperback

Bennett has no idea why Betty Mouton hates him.

Other than the time he accidentally hit her boobs with a glitter bomb in their community theater performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," he's been nothing but helpful and accommodating. But that notorious "incident" happened years ago. Time for the gorgeous redhead to get over it and admit to the real chemistry between them, not just the on-stage kind.

Betty is in trouble.

She may have gotten her dream role in a production by her favorite playwright, but there's a big problem. Her romantic lead is that cocky, annoyingly hot know-it-all Bennett Broussard. And when the fake touching and fake kissing start to feel way too real, Betty realizes one thing. She better act her heart out or finally admit that Bennett has stolen hers.

I didn’t want Betty because she’d turned me down or because I liked the challenge. Though that was also true. I wanted her because she was singular. A jagged edge among smooth surfaces. A brighter star among so many dim, distant ones.

Bright Like Wildfire by Juliette Cross is the brand-new standalone romance that is perfect for whiling away these sticky summer nights, but I guarantee you won’t want to put this one down.  Betty and Bennett’s story has it all: enemies to lovers, set in a small town, and reads like an ode to theater lovers everywhere.

Betty Mouton is the mouthy, has no filter, grump to Bennett Broussard’s charismatic, golden boy with a dirty side, sunshine. She’s the kind of leading lady that never forgets a slight and is perfectly happy holding a grudge for years. That’s right. Years. Bennett is object of her ire, but Beauville’s leading bachelor and newest grocer has no idea why Betty is shooting daggers from her eyeballs when he’d much prefer seeing hearts in her eyes.

His smile widened, and now that I didn’t hate him quite as much as I did on that first day, I had to admit it was…devastating.

When both Betty and Bennett’s on-stage chemistry lands them both leading roles opposite each other in the newest production at the local theater, neither Betty nor Bennett can deny that their feelings on stage is just as easily translatable off stage as well. The problem is that Betty isn’t so sure she’s ready for Bennett, and well…Bennett has his own issues even if he is ready to fall head over heels for his spicy redhead. The fact that both of them can’t deny what’s between them results in some of the most outrageously sexy scenes that I’ve read recently. Let me just say that I’ll never look at theater seats the same way ever again. The small-town hijinks of Beauville adds to the charm, as do all the supporting characters, but it’s the theater aspect that truly brings this storyline to life.

Bright Like Wildfire is written beautifully. Juliette Cross writes phenomenal romances as it is, but with the addition of the theater production within the plot, Betty and Bennett’s romance reads like movie. I could see the scenes and characters with ease. With Juliette’s own theater experience, Bright Like Wildfire shines even brighter.

My feelings were growing at an astronomical and possibly non-healthy pace. I remembered the old adage by Shakespeare himself: violent delights have violent ends.

Releasing today, Bright Like Wildfire has something for everyone. A swoony leading man, a fierce leading lady, enough spice to thaw the iciest of hearts, and there’s even a mischievous goat to boot.  I cannot wait for more in this series. I knew that Juliette could write Paranormal and Fantasy romance like the best of them, but her Contemporary Romances may just steal my heart yet. Congrats on a fabulous new release and a very Happy Birthday to you, Juliette!