A Spicy Second Chance Romance...plus more!
One and Only Book Cover One and Only
The Barrett Brothers Series (Book 1)
Nora Everly
Contemporary Romance
Independently Published
June 23, 2022
ebook, paperback

I let her go once.
I won’t make that mistake again.

Falling for my ex-wife was not my intention.
But when she crashed back into town, more beautiful than ever, and keeping a dangerous secret, my heart remembered what I had forced myself to forget, and I can’t get her out of my head.

Too bad she’s not back in Sweetbriar to stay.
She built a new life, and it doesn’t include me or the small town we grew up in.
But I’ll keep her safe, even if it breaks my heart all over again.

Then one accidental kiss reignited the fire between us.
Will one final night together extinguish the heat before she returns to New York?
Or can I convince her to stay and take the one and only chance we have to get it all back?

One and Only is a full-length contemporary small town, second chance romance, can be read as a standalone, and is the first book in the Barrett Brothers Series.

“It was a sad fact that junk food made me write better. Or maybe the added sugar and preservatives did stuff to my brain chemistry and bumped up my creativity.”

Nora Everly writes great romance. Her latest release, One and Only, is the first in a brand-new series set within her fictional town of Sweetbriar, Oregon. Nestled in the mountains, this town is brimming with characters that give the town the memorable charm that I’ve come to love when reading a small town romance.

One and Only starts with a bang. No, not that kind. Cade Barrett is a police officer for Sweetbriar and though off-duty, he plucks his ex-wife, childhood sweetheart and best friend, Charlotte from a snow bank after she had spins into a tree near his house just outside of town. A recent return to town, but trying to keep a low profile, Charlotte has been suffering from a case of writer’s block on her latest novel while simultaneously avoiding any run-ins with her swoony ex-husband.

“Noon?” He suggested with an amused shake of his head. High noon. Like a shoot-out or a duel.

You can imagine my delight when both Charlotte and Cade just cannot seem to stay away from each other. I love these adorable idiots—which I say in the sweetest way possible. One of my favorite tropes is when the characters stubbornly deny their feelings but act on any and all physical urges that arise when in each other’s company. Friends, there are a lot of instances for Charlotte and Cade if you catch my drift. But unlike miscommunication tropes, the fact that Cade and Charlotte keep mixing their signals is partially due to all their unresolved feelings from their past, but also because Charlotte has a secret stalker that she’s determined to keep under the radar.

The best part of a small town? There are plenty of meddling family members and friends who are more than ready to push even the most stubborn of lovesick couples through their nonsense in order for them to get the HEA both Cade and Charlotte deserve. Nora’s incorporation of a suspense plot combined with the spice of second chance romance makes for one addictive storyline. There’s even a book club scene that still makes me snort just thinking about it.

“The more time I spend with you, the more I think you’re my dream, Charli.”

Out today, One and Only is perfect for fans of small town romances, second chances at love, and enough quirky characters to fill Violet’s coffee shop! If you’re looking for a romance that ticks all those boxes, then Nora Everly has the book for you!