Mirror Obscure (Vista De Lirio Mysteries Book 2) by Elizabeth Hunter
Mirror Obscure Book Cover Mirror Obscure
Vista De Lirio Mysteries
Elizabeth Hunter
Adult, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction, Paranormal Mystery
Recurve Press, LLC
June 21, 2022
Kindle, Paperback

Dr. Vivian Wei is juggling multiple life changing events when her aging mother witnesses a violent death on the thirteenth tee. The only problem? There doesn’t seem to be a crime to go along with the witness.

As an empath, Vivian knows her mother is telling the truth, but feelings don’t prove a murder. Can Vivian and her friends prove a murderer is stalking the country club before he claims another victim?

Murder and meditation. Yes, that sounded like Vivian’s life now”.”

Mirror Obscure, the second book in Elizabeth Hunter’s Vista De Lirio Mysteries, is a wonderfully amusing and spellbinding addition to this paranormal mystery series. When three relative strangers; Julia, Vivian, and Evy, have latent paranormal gifts unlocked after a joint encounter with a psychic (book 1 Double Vision) they become great friends who navigate life and the unexpected myteries that start popping up in their eclectic desert community. Dr. Vivian Wei is newly transplanted to the area after inheriting her grandparents golf community home. As a single woman and successful dentist she has always been self-sufficient and driven. Her plans have always included a family so when she reaches her thirties childless she chooses to take matters into her own hands. But life seems to have its own agenda and begins disrupting Vivian’s carefully arranged affairs after her mother witnesses a murder, whose ghost visits Julia, and a certain irresistibly attractive man starts pursuing Vivian.

“I know you’re busy, but Julia was right: I’m an adult, and I know what I want.” He squeezed her hand. “I’d rather have a fraction of your attention than the whole of someone else’s.”

Damn it. Forget keeping away from Richard Putnam. Vivian was going to have to do everything in her power to keep from falling in love with him.

One of the reasons I love reviewing books is the opportunity to see the different talents that authors have when creating a story. Elizabeth Hunter has this consistent ability to continuously produce a diverse cast of unique people, which is impressive considering the number of books she has written and that every book has an extensive array of primary and secondary characters. It’s obvious that she is a detailed observer of people as her casts are always authentic and have qualities that make them very relatable. The women in the Vista De Lirio Mysteries are no exception. The are stikingly different personalities but their shared paranormal experience has bridged them into a steadfast, fun, and functional friendship that enriches their personal lives and helps them solve some difficult mysteries.

Additionally, I can’t get over the way Elizabeth Hunter is able to meld a serious murder mystery with finding romance later in life and the friendship of three older women. You would not expect such lighthearted themes to work with a serious suspense plot, but it does in a very intriguing and entertaining way. Also, the paranormal gifts they each have are integrated seemlessly, making you believe that this could actually happen in a normal life. Mirror Obscure is such an easy book to read because it keeps you engaged page after page. While it can be read as a stand alone, you will have a lot more understanding of the backstory if you read Double Vision first. From the beginning to its unexpected end you will love this book and will eagerly be waiting for Evy’s story, the third book in the series, to come out.