Secrets We Whisper in the Moonlight (Decisions in Durham Book 2) by Rachel Higginson
Secrets We Whisper in the Moonlight Book Cover Secrets We Whisper in the Moonlight
Decisions in Durham Book 2
Rachel Higginson
New Adult, Adult, Contemporary Romance, ChickLit
Reckless Siren Publishing

Eliza English has grown up in the shadow of her two brothers, Will and Charlie. Protective, pigheaded and overwhelmed with the day-to-day of their co-owned bar, they get in the way of every romantic relationship she’s ever attempted. She would do anything for them. And for the bar. But lately, she wants more than a life grinding through every day with only her brothers to share her burdens. Lately the crush she’s had on her big brother’s best friend is demanding more and more attention. Jonah Mason has known the English siblings almost his whole life. Will is his best friend, practically family. Charlie is the kid brother he never had. And Eliza… well, she’s nothing like a sister at all. Actually, lately, he’s been thinking about her way more than he should. Lately, he can’t seem to think about anything else but her. Eliza and Jonah have always drawn firm lines between friendship and anything else. Sure, there’s always been attraction, but both of them have always known anything beyond that is strictly off limits. For the sake of their work. For the sake of her brothers. Until one moonlit night when they share secrets they never meant to whisper out loud.

The shadows were there, but they were far away. For now, this was between us. A delicious and private unspoken pause in the game of keep away we’ve been playing for ten years.

Rachel Higginson’s second book in her Decisions in Durham series, Secrets We Whisper in the Moonlight, is everything you could want in a take-me-away, contemporary romance. The popular cocktail bar, Craft, in Durham, NC is the business owned by the three England siblings: Will, Charlie, and Eliza. Eliza has grown up the baby girl in this loud, controntational, but extremely loyal family. As Will’s best friend since childhood, Jonah was practically adopted by the England family because of the crappy environment his mentally unstable mother continued to put him in. The three year age difference didn’t stop them from developing a close friendship, but deep down Eliza has always been in love with Jonah. While the thought of unrequited love is heartbreaking, the thought of losing his friendship and presence in her life would shatter her world completely, so she will continue to suffer in the friend zone.

Rachel consistenly knows how to write contemporary romances that will land you all-in with the relationships and communities she creates. The Decisions in Durham series is an off-shoot of her Durham based stories that revolve around the food service industry. While the ins and outs of the industry aren’t covered in as much detail as in other books, there is enough detaile to give it a very authentic feel. I think it is fun to be exposed to different businesses, foods, and drinks in a fictional setting. Secrets We Whisper in the Moonlight uses the bar scene as the backdrop for the relationships, sibling and romantic, and friendships that are further developed in this stand alone, but second book of the series. You’ll run into old friends and find out what’s new in their lives as well as learn more about this great cast of characters.

“It wasn’t just his sexiness or the sex. It was this soul-deep connection we shared. The way he was there to catch me when I fell, hold me when I needed comfort, listen when I needed to vent, and mix me a good drink at the end of a very long day.”

Kayla Meyertons

While the first book in the series had two points of view, Eliza’s story is told strictly from her perspective. I appreciate how Rachel continues to mix up the little details of how she writes each romance. It always seems to fit with the characters and their relationship journeys. My other favorite aspect of Rachel’s writing, which is especially evident between Eliza and Jonah, is the lack of self-sabotage that is seen in too many romances. I would much rather see the characters acknowledge their feelings and committment to each other earlier in the book and be on the same side as they deal with issues and conflict, then for that connection to be how the book ends. By doing this, Rachel gives us plenty of time to enjoy the sparks that fly once Eliza and Jonah are able to finally act on a decade’s worth of misunderstood and stifled feelings. Book three in Decisions in Durham is in the works! If it’s anything like the first two I guarantee it will be another great contemporary romance.