A Wonderful, Tension-Filled, Best Friend's Brother, Opposites Attract Romance
Smart Mouth Book Cover Smart Mouth
The Work For It Series (Book 4)
Emma Lee Jayne
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Smartypants Romance
April 28, 2022
ebook, paperback

The rockstar
There are lots of assumptions people make about rockstars. Shallow. Player. Addict. The truth? I’m none of those.
The even bigger truth…the only opinion I care about is her’s and she hates me. Her as in Gwen Matthews, my twin brother’s best friend, the unrequited love of my life. She thinks I’m a liar and a jerk which is why I pretend to be my brother when she needs help one night.

Except Gwen is a genius. Literally. So it doesn’t take her long to figure out it’s me and not my brother, but maybe, just maybe, she’s willing to give me a second chance. Because maybe when she looks at me, she only sees a rockstar with her best friend’s face, but when I look at her, I see my other half. She centers me in a way that no rhythm or line of lyric ever could.

The scientist
I have three priorities in life at the moment: finish my research, defend my dissertation, and get my Ph.D., so that I can actually figure out what I’m supposed to do with my life. Tom Mendoza won’t help me achieve any of those things. Yet I can’t help the sudden feeling that I’ve been completely wrong about him all this time.

The day we first met when we were both teenagers, I saw a glimpse of a sweet, funny boy that felt very much like a kindred spirit; awkward and full of energy and dreams. But that guy seemed to disappear and in his place was this stereotypical stupidly hot rock star that did not make sense in my world.

Being a scientist means being willing to admit when you’re wrong and reevaluating everything. I might not understand much about human behavior, but I can clearly see the tender underbelly that Tom protects. The subtle rituals he uses to stave off his anxiety. Yes, he’s ridiculously hot, but his soul just might be more beautiful than his face and I’m not sure what to do with that.

Especially when I find out that he’s in love with me.

'Smart Mouth' is a full-length contemporary romance and can be read as a standalone. Book #4 in the Work For It series, Educated Romance World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

“I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life, but kissing Gwen is the best stupid thing I’ve ever done.”

I’m not sure what it is about Smartypants Romance authors writing romances featuring Rockstar main characters that I find myself completely over the moon for, but for whatever reason that is: keep it up. I’m a total fan!

Emma Lee Jayne is back with her second standalone romance set within The Work For It series. Smart Mouth features Gwen, Max’s lab assistant from Heart Smart and her opposites attract romance with Tom, her best friend James’ twin brother. Where Gwen pursued academia and is waiting to defend her PhD, Tom’s childhood wasn’t spent behind a desk. Instead, he was separated from his family and was one-fifth of a successful boy band—Boys of Summer.

“Tomás Mendoza isn’t Chris Evans level of hot. Chris Evans is
Tomás Mendoza levels of hot. None of which makes me feel less turmoil-y.”

Like any good romance, Gwen and Tom had a brief but instant connection as teens which left an impression on both characters. Even when life drew them apart yet again, thoughts still lingered for both. I was impressed at all the details that arose throughout Smart Mouth as more of Tom’s affections were revealed and more Gwen learned about someone she had thought was just some silly Rockstar.

I enjoyed the fact that in every instance where either character may have questioned their feelings, there was always a handful of side-characters waiting in the wings (sometimes with a pitchfork) to knock some sense into Tom or Gwen (or both). Max and Holly were a welcome addition to Smart Mouth. I loved getting to see how they were getting along after their Happily Ever After. Tom’s bandmates also played a surprisingly important role in his budding romance with Gwen, and if I could make wishes come true, I would love to get to know their stories as well.

“Not confident, merely hopeful. With you, Gwen, it’s always hope.”

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like how James’ character was going to play out, but ultimately, I found his storyline and the way it was wrapped up satisfactory in a way that didn’t hurt Tom and Gwen’s story. Tom’s intense love and affection is akin to the big romances we associate with all those classic love songs, and even if Gwen’s head and heart took a while to catch up to him, she finally got her brain on the same wavelength as her heart.

Smart Mouth is the type of book that I just absolutely sunk into. Emma Lee Jayne’s writing style is so easy to get lost in. Her storytelling is full of emotion, and her characters are equally as vibrant. Gwen and Tom’s story has the ability to make anyone swoon, and there’s nothing I love more than a good swoon! Congrats on a wonderful new release, Emma Lee Jayne!