Bad Timing by Kristie Leigh
Bad Timing Book Cover Bad Timing
Kristie Leigh
New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Urban Fiction, Steamy Romance
Independently Published
February 17, 2022
Kindle, Paperback

Layla Blue eyes through a windshield. That was all I saw before he hit me with his car. When I woke up in the hospital, I was shocked to find Mr. Blue Eyes there in all his GQ glory—and even more surprised that he was willing to watch over me while I recovered. See, Cole was my polar opposite. Even though I had agreed to help him sort out his family issues, falling for him was never part of the plan. Too bad planning was never my strong suit… Cole The way we met? Classic bad timing. But she was exactly what I needed. Because if I wanted to break free of my family’s demands forever, I needed my inheritance. And the only way to get that was to marry. A marriage of convenience to the tattooed free spirit I had hit with my car could solve all my problems. Falling in love with her, however, could cause so many new ones. Logically, I knew that. But when it came to Layla, my heart didn’t care at all about logic—or Bad Timing…

“I’m starting to think you were brought into my life for more than just to be a pain in my ass.”

Kristie Leigh creates a light and snarky romance with Bad Timing. A story where two totally different people, from two totally different worlds, meet in a totally unexpected way. Layla and Cole are both struggling with not being where they want in life. Layla is working minimum wage jobs to pay the bills, unsure if she will ever make it as a painter. Cole is working for his family’s multi-million dollar business but is nearing the deadline to be married to receive his share of his grandfather’s trust; money he needs to get out from under his cold and calculating parents. When a freak accident thrusts Layla and Cole together, their immediate attraction opens the door to a mutually beneficial arrangement that will change the trajectory of their lives. Perfect timing, right? But, when their deal quickly transforms into something more intimate and meaningful this “perfect” timing sets off a “bad” chain of events that calls everything into question.

Initially, as I tried to explain Cole and Layla and their relationship, it came across as very stereotypical; rich, straight-laced guy and artsy, tatted girl fall for each other after agreeing to a “fake” relationship. The problem was that while that description is true on the surface there is so much more to Cole and Layla and their story. They are great characters with depth and complexity that comes out as they navigate the unexpected pull they experience after Cole hits Layla with his car (always a great way to pick up a girl!) Additionally, there are so many things working against them yet they continue to find ways to follow their hearts. It makes for comical scenes at one moment, stressful interactions the next, intermixed with profound and touching moments that earned it my whole-hearted four star review.

If I had to encapsulate my favorite things about Kristie Leigh’s writing it would be her dialogue and plots. Her characters speak authentically and there is always an enjoyable amount of flowing banter. Whether its between Cole and Layla, laced with sexual innuendos, or between Cole’s best friend Hadley who becomes Layla’s best girlfriend, “I hadn’t seen Hadley this hopped up before, ‘Your cheerleader is showing'”, the conversations are so much fun. It’s like hanging out with your favorite friends while they engage in some good natured ribbing. It’s also why I like including her in my reading mix. I like having heavy and light books available depending on the day I’m having. Bad Timing is a great escape from the stress and pressures of life and a really fun read! If you’ve ever read a Kristie Leigh story you already know that they don’t fit your typical molds. They surprise you time and again with her unique melding of contemporary romance, comedy, and suspense. Bad Timing is no different.