Wild and Bright by Skyler Mason
Wild and Bright Book Cover Wild and Bright
Skyler Mason
Dark Romance
Self Publish
December 11, 2021

Five years ago, I broke the boy-next-door’s heart. Now Camden Hayes is a rock star. He’s every bit as seductively beautiful as he was years ago, and yet he wants ordinary me to pose as his live-in girlfriend for the next six months. If I agree, I’ll walk away with enough money for my little girl and me to live comfortably for years to come. The catch? He still hates me. This is only a temporary arrangement for him. I can’t let it become more for me. ~~~ The woman who betrayed me is in desperate need of money. Lucky for me, I have a lot of it. Since the band’s world tour is cancelled, I’ll be living in San Diego for the first time in years. It’s the perfect opportunity to finally get over this irrational longing for Lauren Henderson. For the next six months, I’ll spend every waking moment getting everything I’ve ever wanted from her. The catch? At the end of this, I have to let her go. No matter how badly I want to hang on.

Wild and Bright by Skyler Mason

A delectable dark romance for fans of Anna Todd’s After series, mixed with the naughty bits of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Wild and Bright has left me in a tizzy. I had not noticed how much I have stayed away from the dark and grungy romance genre until experiencing Mason’s second book.

The Juicy Plot

Our main girl is Lauren who is a social media influencer on the rise. She’s also a single mom to an adorable toddler. Lauren has a history tied to an incident that happened years ago, before being a mom. The reputation of that night seems to follow her a bit in now days. Most importantly it was the night she broke her long time crush but also family friend Camden’s heart.

Cam is now a successful musician with a band and all, that throughout the years never loss his obsession with Lauren. Oh and it is an obsession. He watches all her Youtube videos, and follows all her social media. Cam is an absolute grump. He is a grade A alpha-hole that has underlying Dom needs. (hubba hubba)

As Lauren is faced with an extreme circumstance where she and her daughter might become homeless, Cam steps in and strikes a deal for Lauren. She can stay at his MTV Cribs worthy house and be Cam’s “live-in” girlfriend (and get paid for it.) The deal also entails she accompany Cam to the countless parties, mini concerts, and any events during the duration of the contract. (Cue in the Fifty Shades feel, there’s an N.D.A. and everything.)

During the time of contract there are lots of hot and kinky explorations especially on Cam’s part. Something about the relationship between Lauren and him make him want to try the Dom-Sub type of situation. Lauren is a wild spirit that Cam becomes obsessed with controlling.

Personally speaking…

Wild and Bright was a whirlwind. There were times I wanted more of a “in-between” phasing when Cam is soft, careful, and loving towards Lauren, than the whiplash of good guy to bad guy in an instant that was written through out the story. I do want to say that Skyler Mason gave a pretty decent break down of character background as to why his moods jump so quickly. Readers may need that warning sooner than later.

Overall I enjoyed Wild and Bright very much. I had forgotten how much the possessive, jealous, alpha-holes men in books come off so yummy. Skyler Mason has penned a unique novel with a steam filled plot perfect for the rush of emotions dark romance lovers look for.

For the readers that need Trigger or Content warnings: Cam is a straight Alpha-hole, lots of repressed anger in which he even lashes out (a lot.) Fret not, lots of redeeming qualities and moments! Lots of yummy descriptive steamy scenes as well.

Wild and Bright by Skyler Mason comes out December 11 click here to grab your copy.