On November 9th, I woke up with an idea. Why not read Colleen Hoover’s book, November 9, all in one day? I had recently read my first CoHo book, and I was thinking to myself, I’m ready to be hurt again. And what could be more fitting than to read a book based on a certain day, on that day. So, I bought the last copy at my local Barnes and Noble, and I was all set. I was immediately drawn in by the concept, and was not disappointed at all. It was truly one of the most unique books I had read in a while.

Though the idea to read the book all in one day was more of a personal challenge, it quickly became a demand. I simply could not put the book down. From the first moments of Fallon’s story, to Ben sliding in the booth, to all the twists and turns, I couldn’t stop myself from reading on. I had to know how their story ended. I had to know how CoHo was going to rip me apart this time. 

One of the things I loved the most about this book was the shift of POV’s. I took turns reading and listening to the book, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Ben’s chapters were narrated by a man, and Fallon’s chapter by a woman. I thought that was a great touch. You got to hear both voices, and both sides of the story. 

I can honestly say that this has quickly become one of my favorites, if not my favorite book to date. I always say I don’t pick favorites, because I honestly am just always looking for the next good book to read, but this story has stuck with me in a way I cannot describe. Not only was the plot refreshingly unique, but the characters felt so unbelievably real, I might as well have been sitting in on genuine conversations. I could see myself, sitting at a booth in their restaurant, watching these strangers’ lives unfold. 

November 9 is undoubtedly worth the read, and I can guarantee it will make you feel all kinds of things. It was the perfect book to read all in one day, and I highly recommend it to everyone. It may not be November 9th anymore, but if this book taught me one thing, it’s that you shouldn’t always wait a year for a good thing. Sometimes, it’s okay to deviate from the plan.