A Deep, Friends to Lovers Romance
Hotshot and Hospitality Book Cover Hotshot and Hospitality
Green Valley Library (Book 8)
Nora Everly
Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance Fiction
Smartypants Romance
September 30th, 2021
ebook, paperback

Molly Cooper is through with men.
She means it this time.
Being stood up and humiliated was the last straw.
But after her all grown up and smokin’ hot childhood bestie kissed her to help her save face, she’s left wondering if it was the tequila or his lips that gave her all the feels.

Garrett Monroe had no intention of falling for his childhood best friend.
Unfortunately, one unplanned kiss in a bar was all it took for him to stumble.
Now he’s stuck with a crush that won’t quit on the most stubborn woman he’s ever known.

Soon enough they’re overwhelmed by out-of-control feelings, one match making momma, and two tight knit families who think they’re dating when they’re not.

Or are they?

Nothing stays secret in Green Valley, Tennessee.
Can Molly and Garrett navigate the nosy waters and fall for each other in private?
Or will secrets sink their friendship instead?

'Hotshot and Hospitality' is a full-length contemporary romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #8 in the Green Valley Library series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

“Her face was shaped like a heart and I had the inescapable feeling that she may have just stolen mine.”

Hotshot and Hospitality by Nora Everly is the friends to lovers, small town romance that will tally as the eighth book in the Green Valley Library series but just might top your charts if you love swoony heroes and grand gestures worthy of the silver screen.

I would like the record to show that Nora Everly’s storytelling of her Monroe brothers is practically cherry-picked for perfect book boyfriend traits. Garrett Monroe has been unlucky in love, and unfortunately for him, living in a small town means that the bones that rattle around in his closet are known by all. While Garrett may have made some questionable choices in his past, he makes up for it in sheer determination. I loved Garrett. I think I say this about every Monroe brother, but Garrett might be my new favorite.

“I don’t kiss anyone who doesn’t want it. You don’t need onions to keep me away from you. But I’m just saying, if we were together and you wanted my kisses, onion breath wouldn’t stop me—nothing would. I would make sure you had everything you needed from me. Everything.”

Molly is without doubt the pluckiest and most unruly heroine that I’ve come across in recent months. She is the proverbial bull in a china shop, waking up with a crazy hairdo for a week straight, and all slapstick comedy wrapped into one perfectly imperfect woman. While many a romance reader would run headlong into Garrett Monroe’s arms, Molly is determined to keep her distance…no matter how good Garrett kisses, or how sinful he looks in a towel.

While even though their romance is delightfully lighthearted, Nora Everly wrote some pretty heavy scenes. Dealing with grief of a loved one, betrayal, a disability, and even the ending of a relationship can put even the most emotionally and mentally healthy person in a tailspin. I think all of the themes that were of a more serious note were handled beautifully and written in a way that rang true to the characters.

“You think you’re some big hotshot because you used to be a badass Marine and now you’re a big, buff construction guying a tight sexy T-shirt with a super cool tool belt. Well, you’re hot. I mean, you’re not. You’re still a buttface, Garrett.”

Hotshot and Hospitality surprised me. I could almost feel how hard Nora worked to keep Molly’s head in the game. But none of that tension or reluctance detracted to the plot. Garrett is a lion tamer with Molly. Who better to soothe all doubts than a childhood best friend? Garrett and Molly’s story is layered like a great s’more and their HEA is the sweet, and gooey marshmallow at the center.

Do yourself a favor and read this one ASAP! Hotshot and Hospitality by Nora Everly is releasing into Kindle Unlimited on Thursday, September 30th! Don’t miss this one!