Corporate Crush (Crushed by Love) by Moxie Rose
Corporate Crush Book Cover Corporate Crush
Crushed by Love
Moxie Rose
New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Independently Published
June 2, 2021
Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook, Audio CD

Hadley Bowman is killing it at this quarantine thing. Right up until the day she finds out that her sexy as sin boss is suddenly single. Now, with thoughts of all the wicked things she’d like to do to him running through her mind, she’s started doing the one thing she never does...make mistakes.

And if that's not bad enough, the world is beginning to return to normal, forcing Hadley to put her big girl panties on and deal with him…face to face.

The last thing Jensen Calloway wants after ending his engagement is another erratic woman, but when he catches his assistant on a Vroom call in some surprisingly chic granny panties, he devises the perfect punishment.

An arrangement that soon backfires on them both and reminds him never to mix business with pleasure. In the end, will Jensen break the real heart of his fake fiancé?

“Business up top and party down below”

Hadley Bowman has been the consummate professional assistant to high powered Jensen Calloway throughout the pandemic, even though her typical “apocalypse attire” for Zoom meetings is anything but. When a failed sign off gives Jensen a full view of Hadley’s structured black blazer paired with her yellow, lacy granny panties emblazoned with a her Golden Girl spirit guide, Blanche Devereaux, their long suppressed sexual attraction sets in motion a compounding series of events and agreements that will have them questioning everything they thought they wanted.

Great motivation for a series…

Moxie Rose’s author description “Together, they write sexy romcoms about characters they’d want to be friends with in real life and spend way too much time writing in their Lisa Frank journals about whether or not Joe Exotic will ever write them back” is pretty much the Crushed by Love series in a nutshell. Hadley is the second friend in the group to be highlighted in Corporate Crush. The friendship is a main component of this series and this group is loud, loyal, and sometimes simply hysterical and would definitely be riotous friends. But beyond the wild side lies women who intimately know each other and are there for each other through thick or thin, especially as they navigate the scary and sometimes unchartered waters of love.

Corporate Crush is both a light-hearted Chick-flick and a heart-warming romance. The banter and craziness lulls you into thinking it’s a girls gone wild adventure, when in reality its a thoughtful journey of setting aside your own wants and desires when you realize that you have found the one you love. I liked Hadley and Jensen from the very beginning because of the chemistry and respect they had and how they were unwilling to lose the unique business relationship they had by revealing their true feelings. The plot is tied around a unique business deal which is a great catalyst for their budding romance and allows their interactions to take on a new dimension – leading to some great page turning PDA. I guarantee you will love the ending as it even made me tear up. Look for more great couples in future books of the Crushed by Love series.